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    ^ so that would mean the king of hell from the rinnigan is the same thing as the death god from the Uzumaki sealing jutsu if Hashirama is there.
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    No. Not at all. The King of hell is some sort of Gate Keeper. The Shinigami from the Uzumaki Sealing Jutsu is the Big Boss.

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    I like paulbees idea .. the part where Naruto enters the underworld but mainly bcs I was thinking the same thing earlier. Not exactly fond of the rest of paulbees theory though ..

    Imo, the Sage of the Six Paths will appear in the manga sooner or later. It could be in similiar fashion as to Minato and Kushina appearing in Narutos mind. Maybe the Sage left some of his chakra in Juubi or Gedo Mazou so that if someone tries to ressurect the creature again, he would appear.
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