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    Nice chapter.

    Got to admit chapter was pretty good. I like Brooke full page spread than the others.

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    Wait... aren't Balloons made of Rubber? Didn't Ussop only give sky island rubber bands?
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    I guess the days of usopp using a fake 10ton hammer are over.

    Damn how these guys have grown. Love it!
    The only thing i''m disliking is that chopper has the same personality in that huge form... i wanted him to be more tough acting instead of joking like oda made him do.

    Other then that a full 10!

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    Another badass chapter! Now that the appetizer is finished, it's time we move onto the main course!

    But Chopper totally creeps me out lol!.. Iz he high or something?
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    awesome ch, everyone did something brand new except for zoro, oda must be waiting to dosometrhing special for him

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    yeah zoro blew away hyozou with such ease it's not even funny.

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    I wonder what's going to happen when chopper eats 3 rumble balls in that form

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    As expected, everyone will beat their opponents with a new attack but I still can't help but to get awed in this chap pure awesomeness.

    Usopp's is like Tarzan now, the king of the jungle(plants) lol.
    Chpper looks SCARY!!. Imagine meeting a 40 ft hairy monster dancing like that.. I'll have a heart attack.
    Brook was just as cool as his sword.
    Poor Wadatsumi, his legs looked exactly the same as his head. lmao
    Lol at Sanji's attack name.
    Jinbei meh...
    Franky is now worth at least 5 pacifista imo. I wanna see his centaur form shooting lasers too!!
    Zoro was just ok. Not his fault though, his opponent was just too weak for him. I love the whole frog thing though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Namvel View Post
    wow, the Strawhats Crew are not a joke.

    if, One Piece is going to be like this for the next ten years, i'll already call it this as the one manga series that has out done "Dragon Ball".

    that's at least, the direction i see the series going towards.

    great chapter and fantastic art as usual. i see, why Oda takes breaks here and there.
    In Japan most probably but I dunno internationally.

    Quote Originally Posted by dct21 View Post
    awesome ch, everyone did something brand new except for zoro, oda must be waiting to dosometrhing special for him
    I agree, Next to Asura that attack looked pretty normal slash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonflame View Post
    I guess the days of usopp using a fake 10ton hammer are over.
    He's come SO far! He said three moves and damn it, he meant three moves!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Lhek View Post
    But Chopper totally creeps me out lol!.. Iz he high or something?
    Yeah, there's not enough mindsoap to wash that image out. I'm afaid that the only thing that will do the trick will be the horror of seeing it animated. Wait...

    Good to see that even in the midst of being a complete badass, Brook still takes time to be a pervert! Good thing that Luffy wasn't there to witness Franky's attack--he would've been unable to continue. And poor Ikaros became the roasted squid that he feared the most.

    And will we ever find out what TRULY happened to Sanji during his training? Something so traumatic that just the thought of it envelops his body in flames?!!!


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    i loved ussop he is just epic and brook WOW. both of them are just way better than i expected. i can not wait to see the inner workings of ussops weapons. sanji was awesome ! I LOVE THIS CHAPTER!
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