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    I have to say...this is probably one of the funniest sites that I have ever ventured into! Jonah Ray's Freeloaders' Guide to Easy Living is amazing and all of Brad Neely's work is funny! By the way, if you don't already know, Brad Neely has a site called Creased Comics and he has lots of funny little drawings! WPDR is also done by Brad Neely, if you like Harry Potter or as I now call him HP the God then check that out as well!
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    Brad Neely is a comic genius that only comes around once every hundred years. I still find myself singing that George Washington tribute song of his. =)
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    Harry potter and the deathly hallows

    as most ppl know, harry potter is being released upon the expectant population with the potential to cause mass riots and large scale revolutions. what do you guys think about the harry potter series? ( you guys even read?)

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    This topic exists.

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    ehh... am i missing something? (lol yeah im slow)
    Can i have the link or something?
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