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    Fullmetal Alchemist Fairy Tail Chapter 259 : "Sky Dragon Grandine"

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    wuuut Natsu have learned to do that now? cool hahaha

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    Oh, Gildarts, you troll, you.

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    Gildartz you're a champ lol
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    So if Dragons turned in to beings similar to humans, then that rises the possibility of the theory that all real DS, are not humans but baby/little dragons... hmmm this does sound like BOF. It's possible that she is a sky DS as well as she has something to do with healing, right ? It's also possible that what lies beneath the guild, are the true bodies of the dragons, in the form of Lacrimas... this sound like BOF as well ;P, lol it seems I have played too much BOF games...

    Finally, Natsu got his first long lasting power up, yay and it seems that the White DS powers might be as I described it, if and only if, Natsu will be the only one capable of fusing them.

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    Laughed when I saw the Gildartz card just LOL.

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    great chapter! i dont know if shes the dragon i think wendy would have known. but maybe she spent time if the dragon or something.
    well with gildartz taking off i really doubt there going to go back in time. i feel a some kind of a time chamber deal coming on for training. and where was gajeel and Lilly?
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    Lol, I bet you argue too much with cross. It's not really healthy you know.
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    Great chapter but I don't know about her being a Dragon because she was shown with the pass photos of Marakov early Fairy Tail. But then again everyone seems to be theorizing of them being incarnations and stuff so time probably isn't even a counter for the theory. But regardless will probably won't get any more Dragon info until another 50 chapters and it will just be another subtle thing....

    Gildrats man hilarious! Also liking the idea that the strong members are behind like that gives rise for people underestimating Natsu.

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    Lollipop Candy ♥BAD♥ girl daz bonez's Avatar
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    So basically the group went to the old lady's house to ask if she had any deus ex machina lying around that they could use... -_-

    In one piece, the villains are currently drugged up in order to avoid an instant curbstomp by the post-training straw hats. The drug is seen as an evil, false way of gaining strenght, and their abuse of it shows the level of their blind, hollow devotion.

    In Fairy Tail, getting drugged up is the heroes first choice of action for obtaining relevant strenght.

    And Max is now as strong as Natsu because all the non S-Class mages seemed underpowered at times. But then don't freakin' MAKE IT SEEM that they are just as weak as 7 years ago and excuse the fact that they were not beating up Twilight Ogre with "they didn't want to resort to violence" (yeah right, Fairy Tail has brawls all the time for no apparent reason). If Fairy Tail continues its style, Max will soon be a fodder background character again while Natsu, Lucy, Gray and Erza handles the enemies with Wendy as supporter even though he fights on almost the same level as them.

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    Anyone remember when she was first shown?

    Gildarts is one big troll.

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