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    Katekyo Hitman Reborn Chapter 361 discussion / 362 Predictions

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    so will skull finally be useful or what lol
    Hey baby, wanna take a gander at some Adam West penis?

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    EPIC color page! :3

    So they got a minute to fight in their best form? Nice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arbitrary View Post
    EPIC color page! :3

    So they got a minute to fight in their best form? Nice!
    No, they have 3 minutes to fight in their true form, the one minute (actually 49 seconds ;p) is the time left to battle:

    It would be funny if Adel(?) fell in love with normal skull ;P, although I think she prefers one of her family members.

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    Now it's finally getting interesting

    I wanne see reborn fight for real
    Plz just ignore the bad english

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    Oh right. I wonder what's the time limit for the present to be used again, or will it be reusable at all?

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    Woohoo, things are getting good now. This is the kind of twist i was hoping for! The arcobaleno CAN join the battle woohoo! Obviously this is going to be very interesting in a later stage in this fight.

    Conclusion of this chapter:

    Never count on rouhei being usefull when you need to use a brain...


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    Damn good chapter.

    Well I didn't see that coming. Though am guessing that the curse will only be removed for the 49 seconds that's left. Not a lot of time but let's see what Skull does.

    Correction Skull's is curse will be removed for 3 minutes, still 49 seconds left in the battle.

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    Wow epic stuff.
    Skull has the remaining 49seconds of the battle to make a difference. I hope he is more useful in his adult form but it pains me to see that he has used this trump card already seeing as Adel will be dropping by any moment from now.
    Also it looks like the varia really don't care about that "honourable fight" bullsh*t. It is why they chose to gang up 4 to 1 on Enma. Adel will whop their asses if she comes to meet them there whiles Enma is in this state.
    I also want to see Reborn, Colonello and Fon fight for real.
    Lastly if all the other Acobalenos' presents mean they can enter the battle in their peak forms then what will happen when Uni uses hers. We all know she is already in her real form. Thoughts?

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    Great chapter! Of course Skull is going to be useful, hes an arcobelano....same as reborn. You know, I like Hibari, but sometimes I dont. I hope he either gets his ass handed to him or he ends up helping Tsuna, otherwise I might have to wright him off. Good thing Adel is near, cause Enma should have known he couldnt handle those four at once, not to mention hes lucky Xanxus isnt there. But, I think we all know where Xanxus is headed...if hes not headed to Tsuna, then hes going for Mukuro..IMO.

    Also, I dont think the other Arcobelano know about the curse removal like Skull does.

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