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    823 support the theory....tsunade gambled away her son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    cool theory..........
    although its most likely that jiraiya has a missing child somewhere in the world........

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    Minato is jiraiya's son, he just doesn’t know it because he has had so many kids with so may different women.
    I like this theory it has good points.

    About kabuto's medical potential

    About how he looks allot like Dan

    But I don’t see any big point in kabuto being her son, it won’t have a massive effect on anything in my point of view.

    And it would be a waste of chapters to bring a story line in to tell us he is her son.
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    well i see wat u mean but its not working for me why would tsunade get pregnant and make it show in naruto like 8 years later in the show ???? srry but it aint workin for me =P

    Fear The Almighty Kona_Chan

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