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Thread: hi everyone :D

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    Talking hi everyone :D

    my name is bushra
    im from the uk

    i used to be a huge fan of manga a long time ago but abt 7 months ago i didn't feel like reading manga so i stopped reading it for 7 months but today i finally decided to want to read manga again and im glad i did.

    i have forgot abt nearly all the mangas ive read in past so its like im new to manga all over again

    im currenty searching for a good manga that is in the following genres: mature , comedy, romance .if anyone knows of any good ones please let me know

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    So which Manga do you read?
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    a.i. love you , absolute boyfriend,peach girl but im looking for more mature manga but not violent stuff in the manga.

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    You may want to read Gou-Dere Bishoujo Nagihara Sora, Yuria 100 Shiki, Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai, and The Secret Devil-chan!. Ecchi, but fits your criteria perfectly. Hope this helps...
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    You can Gou-Bishoujo Nagihara Dere Sora Yuria 100 Shiki Dakara Boku wa, H Dekinai GA, and the mystery of the devil want to chan! To read. Ecchi, but perfectly meets your criteria. Hope this helps ...

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    you should try this >>>

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