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    Gotta love Mei....The shawty is always looking to score but is never lucky cos all the guys she seems to find attractive are bad guys and so far rogue Uchihas lol.........I'm sure she consulted Dr. Phil on this one and he told her to show some restraint hence why she isn't falling for

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    I'm thinking Tobi will have the face of Harishama; wearing the mask because he hates that face...(Not to far of a stretch now is it)
    @ Don.D.Bulky; I feel exactly the same about Bleach...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rokudaime Sennin ™ View Post
    Wait till you read the full spoilers, chapter's intense. Btw, it's confirmed, NO MANGA NEXT WEEK.
    Dog digitty Dang!

    Did you have to go and say that RS..Joy Killer

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    hhmmm...Kabuto saying, "it's just like that time...", while having a flash back of capturing Yamato. I wonder what that means. Anyway I'm glad the chapter is coming out. I wont be doing any work for that hour once it comes out.

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