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    D.Gray-Man 209 Discussion / Predictions

    New chapter out:

    D.Gray-Man 209


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    Slow chapter this month. If it wasn't for Kanda showing up I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it.

    Quote Originally Posted by SquadZero View Post
    New chapter out:

    D.Gray-Man 209

    Yeah this chapter only being sixteen pages was a huge letdown. Man I wish D.Gray-Man was still a weekly series but I can't take this once a month crap.

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    Oh man, Hoshino. 15 pages for a monthly manga is slumming it, there's no denying that. I admire Johnny's resolve, but if it weren't for Kanda showing up this chapter would've been a wash.

    Should be an interesting dynamic between the diminutive Johnny, and the ever serious, if not snarky and somewhat haughty Kanda. (He's softened considerably over the past few chaps) Oh the hijinks will be splendid I just know it!

    As long as everything just keeps on flowing forward, then that's already enough.
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    I am so disappointed with this...really? THAT was a chapter? So basically the 'new' knowledge is "Kanda and Johnny are teaming up" And the potion bit was too random and page wasting =/

    Not happy. See ya December 5th :'(
    I see the start of an addiction! Oh boy, this is gonna be a good one.

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    F****...when Claymore got to home stretch..Dgm was utterly dissapointing...17 pages WTF.

    Give me Allen....even if it`s only 15 freakin pages i don`t care.Kanda showing up doesn`t even helping will be better if johnny doing his quest himself.

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    Two things:

    1) At least were no longer seeing the Chaotic, confused art style with two much "action" in one panel, leaving one wondering just what the hey is going on, that we saw some chapters past. So in terms of readability we've made some progress.

    2) When a manga goes from weekly to monthly (a-la DGM and Claymore), one can also expect a drift in focus from the author, or at least an apparent loss in readability/ following the action, for the reader (also event in Claymore and DGM).

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    So sad... I miss when we had a lot of pages to read.

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    Yo..I dislike the character Johnny, don't see him entertaining or interesting at all. Now I got read probably for another year or so him traveling to find Allen and when that happens I doubt that'll be the end of this.... oh yeah and 17 pages !

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    loved the chapter. that was just cool kanda being a beast like that. he was doing it like a BOSS.
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    RAWS OUT!!! 32 PAGES!!!

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