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    naruto might become hokage before the series actually ends, and he will have different tasks and challenges to reorganise the Shinobi world. Then i think it will end

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    For Naruto to become Hokage, Kakashi and Shikamaru will have to die first.

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    As well as Tsunade, Jiraiya and... Well, pretty much everybody in Konoha except Naruto.

    Quote Originally Posted by guy View Post
    blood is thicker than water. luffy cant swim in water. theres some logic in there
    Quote Originally Posted by Gameboy

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    that's why i think after the akasuki arc there will be a root/civil war arc that will kill off a lot of characters that will boost naruto to hokage. when he becomes hokage the series is pretty much over though, since that's been his entire focus from the start, basicly he will end the civil war and become hokage and you'll get the "peaceful happy ever after" end in some ways...

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    Quote Originally Posted by superNES View Post
    This is from what I think will happen from where the manga is now... till the very end.

    Pein kills Jiraiya and Tsunade (she comes to help).


    Sasuke and Itachi will be fighting in the house of Uchiha. The rest of the Konoha team and Hebi take on Kisame, and Kisame shows his true amount of chakra and takes everyone on. Of course, a head figure (such as Kakashi of Yamato) will tell Naruto to help Sasuke out in the midst of the battle due to him "being more emotionally attached, therefore he will do better than anyone else they send in to save Sasuke". So Naruto heads into the fight, where he helps Sasuke, and Sasuke doesn't want his help. Sasuke gets distracted by Naruto, Itachi brings an ending blow to Sasuke, but Naruto saves him and kills Itachi. Sasuke gets extremely pissed off and fights Naruto. In the outside, Kisame is holding on, and realizes Itachi has been killed. There, the Konoha and Hebi ninja start to beat down Kisame, when Zetsu comes and saves him. Zetsu takes him back to Tobi. Sasuke eventually runs to find Tobi where he shall be even more powerful.

    Time jump:
    Naruto finds mother to train him (if not his mother... someone, dunno who, but his mother would be cool... perhaps Kakashi again?)

    Kabuchimaru's plans arc:
    He attacks Konoha and Naruto finds out his plans to get revenge.

    The new Akatsuki arc:
    Konoha, desert and cloud ninja (village of cloud would be cool) and look for the new Akatsuki hideout. Fight insues. Konan dies .

    Zetsu arc:
    I dunno what happens, but I want Zetsu to have his own arc.

    Final Akatsuki arc:

    Kakashi and Gai fight Kisame. Kisame dies. Gai dies dramatically... Kakashi wins their tiebreaker.
    Tobi fights Hinata and Neji. Tobi dies, Neji dies.
    Pein fights Naruto... 6 bodies of Pein vs Naruto and his mastered Kage Bunshin. Pein dies.

    Sasuke and Naruto arc (final):
    Kabuchimaru attacks Konoha.
    Naruto fights Kabuchimaru... Kabuchimaru gets injured badly... Sasuke comes to Konoha to finally square off with Naruto (there's nothing left for him to do). Naruto fights Sasuke. Naruto wins, but decides not to kill Sasuke. Kabuchimaru attacks Naruto to kill him, Sasuke jumps in to save Naruto... Sasuke dies. Naruto kills Kabuchimaru in the final fights.

    Naruto becomes Hokage... and marries Hinata.
    For some reason, this sounded so Star Wars.
    Just so you know, children...

    I Rule.

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    Sasuke will hide somewhere and Sakura will try to go with him. Naruto will continue his training to become hokage Hinata will be helping him, Kakashi will grow old Tsunade will do everything to stop her oldeness, Neji will be married, Ino will fall in love with Shikamaru . Sai will try to find Sakura , Temari will stick with Shikamaru, Kiba will find himself a girl ,Shino...umm will live, Itachi will still be alive and there will be a war coming up and thats the way it will end

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