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    21 18.10%
  • Sony

    41 35.34%
  • Nintendo

    54 46.55%
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    As of right now I play my Nintendo DS the most. However I think that has to do with the fact I have an M3 for my Nintendo DS so having every single game at your fingertips helps you play it more.

    However my XBOX 360 is the best for just sitting at home and gaming. Most of my friends have an XBOX 360 and I only know one person who has a Nintendo DS and they just recently got the Nintendo DS. So the XBOX 360 is a lot more while playing with friends online. Plus with the XBOX 360 version of Naruto just released (I have to wait until Sunday for BestBuy to get it in :(), I have a feeling I'll be playing my XBOX 360 a lot more especially since I'm on the last boss for Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.

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    really hard because sony PS1/2 have so much great games....
    but hell, nintendo forever!

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    It is close between Nintendo and Sony. Nintendo for all the amazing characters, and the way they revolutionized 3-D graphics. Sony for creating amazing RPGs, and creating one of the best systems ever (in my opinion), the PS2, which still is going strongly to this day.

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    I say sony, mostly because of the ps2 but i'm looking forward to buying a ps3 when ive got the cash 'cause i read that its region free so i'll be able to play all the ps2 games that the uk didnt get like xenosaga 1&3

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    well voted for microsoft. not for the xbox but for the pc and the software and gaming material such as gaming mouses and keyboards. also the xbox controller for the pc. not dissin the xbox i just like the controllers. i like sony too, but not much nintendo eventhough i have a DS lite and GC, which i dont play both much on.
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    XD luv nintendo, bcuz i grew up playing it, even if it has childish games, still have good games like Zelda series! XD, but sumtiems i prefer sony XD for like some other games bcuz nintendo never has ny good sports/racing games or good shooters

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