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  • No, still strong as when he fought Ichigo.

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  • He has gotten better, but still doesn't know swords name.

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  • He knows the swords name, but can only draw minimal power from it.

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    the databooks are made by the mangaka... he renders all the assumptions and "facts" anyone makes about Kenpachi's zanpakto not being released worthless. Even if it goes against everything he writes, if he states that his zanpakto is always in shikai.. it is always in shikai. In volume 14 Yoruichi asks Ichigo if he has notice his zanpakto is always released and he says "really?, so is like Kenpachi's zanpakto?" and yoruichi didnt say no or correct him... the one that STATED his zanpakto is always released is kenpachi, the conversation Ichigo and Yuroichi have just confirms that Kenpachi zanpakto is always released. Because he doesnt know its name, kenpachis riatsu and the swords power are "in conflict" if u may causing Kenpachi's power to be unbalanced but my guess is that he finally was able to talk to his sword and know its name.

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    Most likely he has gotten way stronger than he was before. I doubt he was able to learn his Zanpaktou's name, but theres always a possibility that he did.

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    i personally think he has to have gotten better theres no may in hell someone like him would ever be happy if he knows theres some one out there that could beat him. i think he has the potential to be the strongest character in the series

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    I think he has gotten stronger, but he still doesn't know his sword's name, I don't think Kenpachi will ever know that name, if he did then the whole main aspect of him would dissapear, the fact that he is so powerful not knowing his sword's name is what makes him impressive and important.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anarchris View Post
    he himself is prolly one of the most powerful if not the most powerful in the series.........but he isnt mixing his power with his zanpakuto's.......causing his power to be off balance.....but im sure once he lears his swords name and its shikai then he will kill noitora in 2 hits

    Even if he had his sword's name, I don't think he could touch guys like Aizen and Yamamoto.

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    I'm pretty sure knowing his swords name is exactly what would put him in Yamamoto and Aizen's league.

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    Didn't Kenpachi mention how he can't seal his sword?

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    zaraki is really the only captain i could understand getting a power boost and that is if he were to learn his sword's name and to shikai sure the power boost would be crazy, like a hollow ichigo

    and if he were to bankai he would be the single strongest

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