View Poll Results: Has Zaraki Gotten Better?!

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  • No, still strong as when he fought Ichigo.

    2 2.08%
  • He has gotten better, but still doesn't know swords name.

    30 31.25%
  • He knows the swords name, but can only draw minimal power from it.

    32 33.33%

    32 33.33%
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    Has Zaraki Gotten Better?

    We know that Zaraki is going to fight, most likely going to be Nnoitra, but it might not be.

    But when he does fight, will he show any improvement?

    Tell me what ya think.

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    logic dictates "no". But he has to have, theres no sense in sending Zaraki in to be fodder for the punk-ass.

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    I think that Zaraki has been training his ass off as soon as Ichigo beat him, because that was probably his first loss in a real long time and I think it gave him quite some bit of motivation to train harder.

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    "He knows the swords name, but can only draw minimal power from it."

    I'd be a bit disappointed if not, though Kenpachi is one of the most interesting and charismatic characters of the series for me.

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    I think Zaraki will have improved (even if was already a beast) his own power even more and maybe he stopped having a loss of force with his sword but I'm not sure if he already has his name.

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    When he fought Ichigo I don't think he released his full power. I don't think he ever thought Ichigo would harm him once he took off his eye patch. My gut feeling is that he still doesn't know his zanpaktou's name as it's not his character to know such a thing.

    However I have a feeling that he will end up releasing his zanpaktou :(.

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    Bankai is in the lead?
    Wow, I think Zaraki would die before letting someone else help him in battle.

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    Everyone is suppose to be training in Soul Society cause of the war. I doubt Kenpachi has learned his swords name or gotten bankai cause that would so take away from his awesome-ness.

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    Zaraki is a fearsome character in bleach for practically.. he's the only character that could take pain very well as if he was having orgy's off the cuts he gets DANG.. That is weird... but yeah Zaraki must be stronger now, He must be stronger or he will just die by the hands of the espadas.

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    hes gonna fuck tesla up and then give noitora a kiss and then proceed to make noitora a asshat.

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