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    Bakuman 153 Discussion/154 Predictions

    Bakuman 153: "The World And His Opponent"

    BAKUMAN 153

    (Brought to you by MRI)

    Another great chapter. Okay we all saw the first place and surpassing the one-shot votes by Niizuma coming right. It would have been fun to have both PCP and Reversi running in the same magazine but to have Reversi running in Hissho Jump is the proper way to go.
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    Random question, what's the minimum number of chapters a monthly manga usually have before an anime?
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    Yes,another great chapter! The new editor-in-chief is acting all 'like a boss' (the epic moment from before 2-3 chapters ) .
    After the previous arc,this one feels really good for some reason.

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    i hate the fact that they won't be serialised in a weekly mag but what i hate most is the fact that they can't compete with eiji in the same mag using reversi.
    Anyway nice chapter but looks like Azuki will have to wait a little while.

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    YAYYYY Why do I feel like Reversi is the 'real' ticket into an anime series?? Soo happy, that chapp was EPIC!!! =)
    I see the start of an addiction! Oh boy, this is gonna be a good one.

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    It just doesn't seem right. If Eiji goes back to WSJ, then it isn't really a 1:1 battle because they'd be releasing chapters in a different time.

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