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  • Byakuya, Rukia's savior

    58 81.69%
  • Ukitake

    13 18.31%
  • Kyoraku

    9 12.68%
  • Ikkaku& Yamichika, seriously doubt they'd fight alone

    27 38.03%
  • Yoruichi, surprised she didnt come along from the start...

    13 18.31%
  • Mayuri, to possibly make the most dullest... fight... ever. But I see ownage happening.

    11 15.49%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    it prolly will be Byakuya goin' to save Rukia.
    thought i wish it would be Kurosaki Isshin and Ishida Ryuken to save Renji and Uryuu

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    Byakuya is a no brainer, but the others are tough to call. Ikkaku and Yumichika seem like a likely choice, and as much as I hate to say it....Hitsugaya might be there too.
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    I'm routing for Mayuri showing up, don't get where all the hate for him is coming from. I love the more cerebral characters and I adore the "creepy good-guys" (or "gray-area guys"). I want to see him out-creep that dull copycat-researcher-espada.

    Also, I'm really tired of seeing characters like Rangiku and Yamichika (Ikkaku is fine by me though) who have little to no personality except for a one-dimensional gimmick. Hitsugaya has had enough "screen-time" for a while and while I wouldn't mind Kyoraku showing up, I wouldn't want Ukitake showing up instead of Byakuya (because I'm betting it's either one of them).

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    of course Byakuya for Rukia
    I think Mayuri for Researcher guy, for two reasons, one they match and two he probably wants to run some tests
    Maybe ukitake and Kyoraku for chad they are a bit rebellious, and Kyoraku fought against chad,so he would know him best out of the other captains

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    Rukia is the next most important character so she has to be saved next. I think its ya Byakuya, I like the way he says "Bankai"
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    Jushiro Ukitake the one will save rukia

    Shunsui Kyoraku the one will save chad

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    byakuya!!! time for senbonzakura to cut some doohds up =P
    oh, and zaraki is sexy

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    Byakuya I guess... seems most logical

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    Its obviously byakuya who will show up next. He came to the real world with kenpachi last time out, and now he's here again with kenpachi. His sis is about to be turned into mince meat so he's gona come in and save the day. THings are definitely really looking interesting now

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    Byakuya of course.
    The problem is if all the fighting is gonna occur here rather than the war they were preparing for, it wouldn't be the ideal place for it as Its on Arrancar home grounds and Aizen can just replace Espada. But if some more captains came down would be cool. Also Uluqiora still has to come back and being stronger than Noitora may also fight Kenpachi or another captain for him has to come. But with the war coming I doubt more captains would come down unless they throw away the idea of the war that they have built up and go against soul society's orders. in which case it would be cool for Shunsui Kyoraku and Ukitake may come too boring if the regulars of Hitsugaya, Matsumoto, Ikkaku and Yamichika but you know it will happen.

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