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  • Byakuya, Rukia's savior

    58 81.69%
  • Ukitake

    13 18.31%
  • Kyoraku

    9 12.68%
  • Ikkaku& Yamichika, seriously doubt they'd fight alone

    27 38.03%
  • Yoruichi, surprised she didnt come along from the start...

    13 18.31%
  • Mayuri, to possibly make the most dullest... fight... ever. But I see ownage happening.

    11 15.49%
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    Bleach Who's going to show up in Hueco Mundo Next?

    Well yeah. Kenpachi's back, but it's obvious he's just the harbringer. There are three other fronts where the main characters are about to be killed (Chad, Rukia, Ishida& Renji). So who do you think will end up in Hueco Mundo during the next chapter or two (or three... we know Bleach moves slowly sometimes)?

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    Yoruichi maybe..

    because the only way he could reach HM is from urhara shop or SS

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    i think that ss only sent 2 captains and they were zaraki and Byakuya,,,,,,, rukia will be saved by byakuya,, and chado will be saved by kisuke,, and renju and ishida will be saved by ikkaku and yoruichi


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    Hmm... If Kisuke and Yoruichi show up, it wont be under SS's orders. They've both been pretty much disowned, Kisuke is actually blocked from entering SS altogether... Ikkaku and Yoruichi paired up? I dunno, thats a really odd couple. I'm not even sure if they've even encountered each other in the manga yet. I believe if Ikkaku does show up it'll be along side his buddy (and probably future luitenent, if he ever takes one of the captain jobs) Yamichika.

    I dont think Chad's in much trouble with the Execution Squad. They dont strike me as uber powerful. They've been given the "clean up" job. If it was one guy I'd give him the benefit of the doubt, but it's more than a half dozen of 'em. They are all probably run-of-the-mill strength Arrancar. I think it'd be Ikkaku and Yamichika for him... those two or just one Captain or Luitenent we havent seen much of yet like Hisagi or Iba.

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    My Guess is Mostly Byakuya, since there was a hint that Rukia is in danger in front of the espada member that appeared in front of her. Also it would make sense if Ikkaku and Yamichika appeared along with Zaraki as well though.

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    I believe Byakuya will show up to save Rukia, and Ikkaku and Yumichika will save Renji and Ishida... and Yachiru will appear behind Kenpachi of course.. and Chad... well, Kyoraku could appear, but if he did then Ukitake would have to appear too.. and I don't think he will, maybe Hitsugaya appears.. I don't know

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    Ikkaku & Yamichika will probably show up since their captain did and my guess is yoruichi will show up to save chad. Byakuya will save rukia fight with the black espada.

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    byakuya for rukia...and i would love to see yoruichi...and urahara!

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    Byakuya for Rukia;
    Yumichka and Ikkaku for the exequias;
    Hitsugaia and Rangiku for Renji and Ishida.

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    Having Ukitake and Kyoraku combo again would be great, though I suppose Kubo will send Byakuya to save Rukia again...

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