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For sure Tobi is a creation of Madara.

We have seen plenty of evidence that he is at least in part a Zetsu. I would say that Tobi is a Zetsu Clone that Mimicked/Copied Madara's Chakra, AND Was infused with Madara's Chakra and Mental energy.

Madara was about to die, and If you are a Megalomaniac like Madara, who can you trust to revive you from death other than yourself? Madara died but his will, his mind, and his chakra continued to live through Tobi. This is the reason the other Zetsu Clones all obey Tobi.

The interesting question/Irony now is whether Madara's personality, which recognized no one above himself, will allow Tobi to submit to the original Madara?
This begining to sound like Artiftcal intellengence the movie when the kid realises hes just clone. I like this theory as madara still would be calling the shots at the end of the day. And I belive this manga needs a hardcore villain otherwise its all for nothing.