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    The Nerdy (science) Thread

    Contrary to popular misconception, Lots of Nerdy people also love Comics and Manga. Sometimes they find themselves wincing in pain when certain scientific concepts seem to be disregarded in entertainment literature.

    The purpose of this thread is Two-Fold:

    1) To discuss and explain scientific concepts in simple day-to-day terms.

    2) To provide a forum for folks to discuss and ask questions about any areas of science that they have seen or heard about and would like someone to clarify for them.

    Things do not have to be Manga related only.

    I do hope that Those of you who have taken advanced science courses in college will lend some time to help with the thread.

    This Thread was inspired by the recent episode of Naruto, but I have hopes that it could become an area for discussion of our favorite science topics. Thanks.
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