OH WOW!, One year Later (from the last Post).

Well I ran into this story today:

What does a stem cell burger taste like?

Every now and then something well...interesting caches my eye from the world of science. This time its the fact that scientists are hard at work growing Cow meat in the lab, and they are at the point of taste testing the stuff.

The reason this is significant (to me) is not just because it is meat, it's because I have long thought that Mankind will find its way forward based on what we make, and that is not limited to machines. Theoretically, we should be able to make ANYTHING by combining Knowledge, with Energy and base materials.

With today's knowledge it may not be advantageous to make Corn in the Lab, but what about 50yrs from now? We may have enough understanding of bio systems and genetic engineering, so much so that hunger and starvation would no longer need plague our peoples. We certainly have way to go yet, but I am an optimist.

The key to the future lies in Knowledge first and foremost. So to you younger folks out there, study well, be scientists, learn what you can, do research, apply yourselves and pass on what you've learnt to the ones who will follow you.

Our future lies in your hands. (And Oh Yeah Read a lot of Mangas and watch anime too...how else would you get all the good ideas, eh?.