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    One Piece One Piece 477 Discussion

    Let's see if this week more people joins this thread...

    I was expecting to see the "new" Luffy starting his last fight versus Moria, but all we got was 3 Straw Hats falling down. I suppose next chapter we'll see a combination of Zoro and Usopp atacks and Nami also fighting with his weird weapon. ¿How long is Luffy going to last to arrive and save his nakamas? He will be incredibly enraged after seeing all his nakamas defeated...

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    I think Bleach kinda stole the show for a lot of people last week. It's really gotten out of a bad rut.

    I think the next chapter will also focus mainly on Zoro, Usopp and Nami and how they'll get smacked down by Moria. Luffy will probably do a Kenpachi and arrive by the last panel. Considering he's only got ten minutes though, will he make short work of Oz? Or Oz and Moria? Or Moria? Still pretty excited to see how this turns out.

    Oh, and was Robin always wearing boots? I hadn't noticed until now.

    Even if they do beat Moria, I'm very curious to see how Kuma reacts, considering his reason for being there and all that.

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    Either Luffy defeats Moria before the ten minutes are up and therefore before the sun comes out or he defeats Moria with his own power. If the latter, then one or two of his nakama should remain to help move the others out of the sun. Maybe Nami could use her climatact to block out the sun and Zoro helps Luffy take on Moria and Oz. :p

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    I had higher hopes for this arc.

    Though I have to admit, I lol'd a lot.

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    Anybody have any ideas what Kuma is doing during this time? Is he actually going to help Moria?

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    Gear Second as Nightmare Luffy :o That would be awesome Or Gear Third.

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    wow moria is really powerful with nice abilities. With Oz at his side it will be a difficult battle.

    I really don't understand why bleach is much more popular than one piece.
    I'm still reading bleach although i'm hating it.. it's the typical shonen with predictable events, boring battles (right now it's much like cero attacks, I block your sword with my bare finger, it's almost like the swords are useless..), useless weak characters (oh my god, why is chad fighting?!), story line repeats (soul society arc = hueco mundo's), the jokes are lame..

    In my opinion, one piece universe is richer than bleach's, it's much more funnier, the story more interesting.. (though i don't really like the current arc)

    sorry to post this here, i feel like i'd be flamed by bleach fans if i post it in their section (and i don't want to create a thread just for that) :^p

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    I think it's all about the art style, people get away from One Piece after their first impressions of this "weird" art style. Art style of Naruto and Bleach are more or less in the line of "normal" shonen art style.

    With this I'm not saying Bleach or Naruto are better, of course. As aaaarrrggh (lol) said, One Piece universe is richer, funnier and more interesting imo.

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    Bleach isn't more popular than One Piece, it's not even close.

    Quote Originally Posted by guy View Post
    blood is thicker than water. luffy cant swim in water. theres some logic in there
    Quote Originally Posted by Gameboy

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    it is on this forum, in my country too )

    i like oda's drawing style and how he put up the scenes (damn i don't know the english word that explain what i'm saying -_-')

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