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    I would like to watch One Piece

    Oops, I meant to say One Piece, instead I said once piece

    Hey guys, I have three favors to ask of you. I would like to watch One Piece but I know that there are too many episodes to catch up on. Can anyone give me a link to a website that will be able to sum up all the arcs up to where it is now? It looks interesting and I'm sorry for making it look like I'm lazy. I also need somethings that will help me understand the characters more because I like to pick whos my favorite character. Last thing, if I'm going to be up to date with the anime, I need the equivalent chapter number of the anime. On second thought, is it worth it?
    Thanks ya, thank ya.
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    I REALLY recommend you to read the whole manga series, it's probably if not the one, one of the best shonens in these 10 years. Seriously, reading summaries would just screw up the story for you, you need to see everything, AND YOU WILL ENJOY EVERY CHAPTER.

    About the anime, it's also a masterpiece, though it has a lot of fillers (but they're not so bad).

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    yeah, if there ever was a manga and anime u MUST see, is One Piece. Is gonna be long but u will enjoy it like no other current manga.

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    The answer is no, reading a summary will spoil One Piece! One Piece is a series of epic scale. There are so many little seemly minor, yet irreplaceable details, it is impossible to summarize everything vital. Unlike Bleach, for which I can simply spend 20 minutes of writing time and hand you a two paragraphed summary that comprehensively compresses every single details of the entire Bleach storyline, you will never be able to comprehend the scale of One Piece by reading a summary. I do acknowledge that the number of episodes is a little frightening to newcomers, and would require a tremendous amount of time for downloading. Thereby I recommend you to the manga instead (476 chapters! If you are fast, you can finish all of them in 2 weeks-that's worth a ticket of a two weeks vacation in seven heavens). As for the anime, just go from Enies Lobby arc to current.

    You can download all One Piece manga chapters directly from Mangashare


    One Piece Manga Downloads - One Piece HQ

    However in case that you are too stubborn...fine...

    Go spoil yourself to death, this site got everything summarized to the least of details: Main Page - One Piece Encyclopedia - a Wikia wiki
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    one piece is the best anime adapted from the manga there is at the moment. as mentioned before it could be frightning to read and or watch all from 0 to current... but is worth it. My opinion is read the manga 100% if u like it... watch the anime from beggining... as soon as u watch the alabasta arc u will completely fall in love with Oda, the writer. but the east blue recruiting arcs are a must see. their are a few filler arcs that u can just bypass.... u can go to wiki and check the episodes and skip the ones that are classfied as fillers.
    Oh, if u do watch all the anime... the animemation will progresively get better... specially the current episodes.. the art is beautiful. Like I said.. just wait till u finish Alabasta and there is no way u will not become a One Piece fan.

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    Its not all that much trouble downloading all the episodes.

    Even if your lazy/impatient you should start downloading them in batches, you wont regret the time spent doing it.
    once you watch the first episode/read the first chapter you will be hooked.

    But if you wanna read a summary and ruin it...... go to wikipedia

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    ...Why would you want to spoil the masterpiece known as One Piece? As has been stated above in previous posts, IT IS A BAD IDEA!

    Just go to the Bleach Exile site, they have the whole Manga up till the current chapters and you can read it online. Shouldnt take too long especially If you love to read then its not a problem =D. If not then Download a pack of episodes from a good torrent site.

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    There's no point in reading One Piece without seeing the beauty of the struggles in each arc.

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    i watched all 315 episodes in like 1-2 weeks i skipped some fillers and just kinda pushed past boring parts but its all good specialy the crocodile part

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    man it would be crappy to have it summed up....if you read the whole manga i can almost promise that you will atleast laugh aloud once and have your emotions captured......that is if you enjoy manga

    reading manga is just like watching subtitled anime, put on some music and reading it is amazing...nothing like a shitty book

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