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    If this is legit then we are in for a hell of a ride. Looks like naruto is announcing his presence to madara.
    but madara is becoming too op. mokuton? wth?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miineur View Post
    Is it just me or does it kinda seems like the Kyuubi actually want to lose his hatred? (
    But he is to prideful and shit like that to accept it
    im not surprised i mean the guy has been pissed off since he was created.
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    Best line in the spoilers:

    Kyuubi : Naruto ... This time I'm giving you some power.

    Naruto : ( So that mean you still want to take control of my body ? )

    Kyuubi : No. I'm just giving you chakra. I can't stand Madara. I'd rather helpyou than being manipulated by him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mo916 View Post
    Everyone has their own opinion, but if the kyuubi stayed hateful to the end, it would degrade Naruto's power to change people and their outlook on life. Personally its heightens naruto's character if the kyuubi does change.

    read chapter 538 for the foreshadowing
    Why stop with the Kyuubi? Why not Talk-No-Jutsu Madara and Kabuto, bring back Orochimarau and Talk-No-Jutsu Them too?

    Every story needs some reliable bad guys or else the story will lose its zest, I mean even Snow-White had the evil step mother. In my opinion, after Naruto has become Hokage, he can spend the rest of his Natural life trying to teach the Kyuubi to be nice, that should work quite nicely.

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    Talk-No-Jutsu(TNJ) is simply boring. Naruto needs to struggle and be beaten to a pulp many times before he convinces people to change their ways. Lately Naruto's TNJ has been used too often and it's become boring. The Kyuubi and Sasuke seem like the only 2 characters he can't convince(as yet). For him to convince the Kyuubi to "be good" so easily would be like pissing on the readers face(as was done in the Pein fight).

    BTW, do you guys believe Madara can use mokuton because of the Rinnegan, or is this the "modification" kabuto was talking about?
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    Quote Originally Posted by vered View Post


    Quote Originally Posted by Yagami1211 View Post
    As the Meteorite falls, Oonoki touchs it, makes it lighter and tries to throw it away ( And 2nd one is coming )
    During his last battle, when Madara fought Hashirama, Madara manage to get one portion of Hashirama.
    And it seems like he didn't die at that time.

    Madara tries to calls for the Kyuubi, but the Kyuubi refuse and give chakra to Naruto.

    Madara seems like he can use Mokuton and create a forest.

    Naruto use Tajuu Kage Bunshin + Oodama Rasengan and destroy the whole forest.

    Badly wounded, Oonoki decides to risk his life fighting seriously.
    Quote Originally Posted by takL View Post
    The Falling meteor is lightened and being lifted by oonoki but the 2nd one is dropped.
    Seemingly Madara got part of hashirama when he fought hashirama and he didnt die then.
    madara tries to call 9b up but 9b abhors it and lends chakra to Naruto.

    (Madara?) with a jutsu called jukai(sea of trees) something makes woods.
    (shinobis/naruto) barely hold out with Multiple shadowclone and oodama-rasenngan
    Oonoki although being seriously wounded, decides to fight at the risk of his life.
    Quote Originally Posted by hyugasosby View Post
    82 :ohana ◆IR7jauNn4E :2011/10/26(水) 21:47:54.15 ID:uPQl3kZIP





    Quote Originally Posted by takL View Post
    from ohana

    oonoki handles the rock
    he also handles the other one falling down and gets badly wounded.

    tunade prepares to go to the front.

    9b inside of Naruto reacts to madara.
    not to be gotten by madara, 9b lends chakra to Naruto.

    Naruto on kagebunshin makes oodama rasengan.

    and that's about the end of the chap.

    (from flipping through the chap)
    Quote Originally Posted by •Sasuke• View Post
    Naruto 561
    Credits ohana
    Source 2ch

    script under spoiler tag

    Part 1

    Naruto 561
    Credits ohana
    Source 2ch

    script under spoiler tag

    Part 2
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yagami1211 View Post
    561 : His power.

    NinA : A Meteorite ? But How ?
    NinB : Is that really a ninjutsu ? You can't run away from that.
    Oonoki : Don't you dare say you give up. Don't throw way your hopes before doing something.
    We can do what we can, but we have to act.

    Oonoki jumps.

    NinA : Tsuchikage-sama !

    Gaara : Everyone, run away as far as you can.

    Fooders run away really fast.

    Muu ( Kabuto ) : Did you just said "Someone as lowly as us ?"

    Madara : Of course, I did. The Edo Tensei jutsu's real motive was to use it on fellow travellers.
    We are returning to our true selves.
    So is that old guy the Ryoutenbin kid from Iwa ?

    Naruto : What is Grampa Tsuchikage doing ?
    NinA : He's trying to make the meteorite lighter so he can stop it.

    Oonoki goes under the Meteorite. "Doton - Chou Keijuu Iwa no Jutsu!!
    Oonoki : NuUUOOOOOOOHH ! ( A little bit, just a little and I can stop this thing ! )

    Madara : Damn you, Ryoutenbin kid. You grew up, all right.

    NinA : He did it.
    NinB : He stopped it.
    Madara : Okay, and how about the 2nd one, Oonoki ?

    The 1st Meteorite is destroyed by another one.

    Oonoki : !?

    NinA : WHAT ?

    At HQ

    Mabui : What's his motive ? Why did he intruduced himself as Madara ?

    Tsunade : Does that mean that the man know as Madara was never alive in the first place ?
    If the other one was nothing more than a fake, a deception to deceive us. Then the world is about to experience true terror.
    The terror known as "Power".

    We can't ignore anymore thoses who are fighting. We're going too.
    The vibrations of the meteorite falling can be felt by Tsunade and the others at HQ;

    Shikaku : What the heck ?
    Inoichi : Reporting. The 4th division just dealt with a huge falling rock. We just felt the shockwave.

    Raikage : Do we have other reports after that ?

    Ao : This is ... a massacre. In just a moment, All theses people ...

    Shikaku : There is no mistake. This is Madara's jutsu. Tsunade-sama, if we do nothing, we're ...

    Tsunade : I'm on my way.


    Rock falling.

    NinA : What the hell is that ?
    Temari : Are you okay Gaara ?

    Naruto : Gomu guy ? Why did you saved a clone like me ?

    Dodai : you're mistaken. Even if you're a clone, your power is useful. I did this for victory.

    Naruto : Where is Grampa Tsuchikage ?
    Oonoki is laying on the ground.

    Naruto runs to him

    Naruto : Grampa Tsuchikage !

    NinD : It's okay, he's breating. But he's seriously wounded.

    Muu ( Kabuto ): So this is Rikudou Sennin's power ? Fantastic.

    Madara : Hum ... This scenery brings back memories, I must say. You're Kabuto, right ? How much do you know about me ?

    Muu ( Kabuto ) : I know you fought Shodai Hokage Hashirama. You survived the battle at valley of the end, even though you lost.
    You managed to get a fraction of Hashirama's power. Am I right until now ?

    Madara : So that's why, right ? Do you know about our plan ?

    Muu ( Kabuto ) : I don't know everything. Let's just say that I'm your ally. But I don't know if the Fake Madara's goals are really close to yours or not.
    Madara : ...

    Muu ( Kabuto ) : By the way ... There are some survivors it seems. The Tsuchikage and Kazekage are tough, all right.

    Madara : There is something I want to try. Summoning Technique !

    Naruto suffocates.

    Naruto's inner world.

    Kyuubi : Gurururu ...

    Naruto : My inners are burning.

    Kyuubi : This chakra that is calling me ... Madara ?

    Madara : So we don't have the Kyuubi.
    Muu ( Kabuto ) : That's the whole point of this war, actually.
    Kyuubi is sealed inside a Jinchuuriki. Look here, this kid is the Kyuubi's Jinchuuriki : Uzumaki Naruto-kun.

    Madara : Did you just said Uzumaki ? Like Mito's clan ? That's the kid who just attacked me, right ?
    Muu ( Kabuto ) : He's quite the formidable foe. You can capture him all right, but it's likely this one is just a clone.
    How about we find the real one ?

    Madara : No. I want to try something. I'd rather do it with people around, it's more fun that way.
    Mokuton - Juukai Koutan !

    Dodai : What ? Even Mokuton ?
    Sensor Ninja : It looks like it's the end.

    Naruto : ( Shit ! I have almost no chakra. What Am I gonna do ? )

    The trees are surrounding Naruto and the others.

    Kyuubi : Naruto ... This time I'm giving you some power.

    Naruto : ( So that mean you still want to take control of my body ? )

    Kyuubi : No. I'm just giving you chakra. I can't stand Madara. I'd rather helpyou than being manipulated by him.

    Kabuto : ( If I can continue to use Madara like this, I can control the flow of this war. This trump card is way better than expected. )

    Naruto runs.

    Gaara : Naruto !

    Naruto : Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu ! Oodama Rasengan !

    Oonoki : ...

    Kyuubi : Do your thing, Naruto !

    Naruto : Oodama Rasengan !

    Around 1000 Naruto spams Oodama Rasengan on the whole battlefield, destroying the forest.

    Madara : It's just like you said, he's not that bad.

    Muu ( Kabuto ) : I know, right ?

    Naruto : I used up Kyuubi chakra all at once. I'm at my limit. I think I'm about to disappear.

    Oonoki : Naruto ... It's okay. I'll handle this.

    Gaara : Tsuchikage-sama, you can't ...

    Oonoki : Hmm ... At last the time has come for me to fight seriously.
    And for this, Madara is just the kind of opponent I want.

    Oonoki's determination.

    Quote Originally Posted by takL View Post
    561 the power of it

    shinobi A: A meteor…how come…!?
    shinobi B: is this even supposed to be a ninjutsu…!? We aint getting away THIS…
    Oonoki dont say the words of giving up yet! Dont throw yourself off before you do anything for it!
    -oonoki flies-
    Shinobi A: tuchikage-sama
    Gaara: everyone clear out of here as much as you can!
    -Shinobis start to run away-

    Muu(kabuto): along with us all…?
    Madara of course…essentially the jutsu of edotensei is meant to be used like this and to be taken (with enemy). we will be restored after a short while. ! The Shinobi flying in the sky…that means it's the ryotenbin(double scaling) kid of Iwa (rock)?
    Naruto: what is our ol' tuchikage up to?
    shinobi C: Hes up to lighten the meteor to stop it!

    –oonokui puts his hands under the meteor- "Doton cho(super) keiju(light heavy) gan(rock) no jutsu!"

    Oonoki: nuoooooooo!!!(a bit more…a bit more and I can stop it!!)
    Madara: the double scaling kid...youve improved yourself a bit.
    Shinobi B: He made it!
    shibobi B: It stopped!!
    Madara: well then…what will you do to the second one….Oonoki?
    –a meteor bumps against the meteor-
    shinobi A: what!!?

    Raikages secretary: why the masked man expressly gave the name of madara?
    Tunade: …maybe the existence called madara is living in this world? The existence full of falsehood…but by giving such an impression it makes the world fear. The name itself is the power. The name called peoples attention and became an existence that people couldnt ignore and help getting involved in his war. we're already taken in.
    -The vibration from the meteor’s fall reaches to where tunade is. It shakes the place.Shikaku: what happened!?
    Inos papa: An Intel squad relayed this! the report has it a rock so huge as to it covered the sky was dropped to the battlefield of the 4th division!! And this shake is the result!
    Raikage: and no follow-up from the 4th division yet !?
    Ao: what…the hell…it got that masses at once…
    shikaku: theres no mistake! This is some madaras jutsu. Tunade-sama at this rate…
    Tunade: Ill go!!

    -the big rock falls-
    shinobi A:...What the hell… is this!?
    Temari: are you ok gaara!?
    Naruto: Gum pops, why you did that to a clone like me...!?
    Dodai(aka Luffy): I feel bad for others... but we cant afford to lose your power even though you're a clone….in order to win
    Naruto: what’s about grandpa tuchikage?

    -Oonoki is lying down. Naruto runs up to him-
    Naruto: ol'pa tuchikage!!?
    shinobi D: its ok hes still alive. ..Save that hes in a serious condition.

    kabuto: this is the power of rikudoh sage….Marvellous
    madara: huh…its a sight reminiscent of old times….kabuto or something…how far youve learned about my body?

    Kabuto(via muu):i think perhaps…you didnt die at the valley where you fought the 1st hokage hashirama….at that point while losing for the 1st hokage you gained a part of hashiramas power…am I not correct?

    Madara: thats why…youre a one smart fish…do you know our plan?
    Kabuto: not so much in details …but im on your side…although Im not sure if that fake madara is willing to carry things out according to the plan

    Kabuto: by the way ….there are some still alive here and there…tuchikage and kazekage are persistent as expected…what shall we do?

    Madara: I have something to make sure..kuchiyose(summonning) no jutsu!!
    Naruto: TWITCH!!

    –in naruto's inner world-
    Naruto: (my belly is… hot…)
    9b: this chakra calling me …isnt it madaras!!)

    Madara: it appears 9b hasnt been caught yet.
    Kabuto: this war is for that, this is…9b is inside of its jinchuriki …for now. There…just there …that boy is 9bs jinchuriki, uzumaki Naruto-kun, that is.
    Madara: uzumaki….? the mitos clan was….
    And its the kid that just attacked me earlier isnt it.  
    Kabuto: however hes quite something and…althought he better be captured, the one in front of us is just a clone…shall we go hunt thye original one right now?
    madara: …well no…I have some jutsu to try over. And itd be a sight to do it at where people are rather than at nowhere.

    A sensor Shinobi: !! They are in the direction of 4 o'clock!!

    Madara: mokuton(wood release); jukai(sea of woods) kootan(nativity)!!
    Dodai: even mokuton?
    a sensor Shinobi: seems like thats all for us…
    Naruto: (shit. with little chakra left… what can I do…!?)
    -the woods are pressing onto Naruto n co-

    9b: Naruto…this time Ill lend you my power.
    Naruto: (are you trying to say I should vacate my body for you again!?)
    9b : no…I just give you chakra…I dont like Madara! Rather than bein controlled by that one I prefer you!
    -Naruto is dumbstruck-
    Kabuto: (if I keep using madara this well I can rule the war….never thought he would be such a good card for me)

    - Naruto starts to run-
    Gaara: naruto!
    Naruto:tajukagebunshin no jutsu!! Oodamarasengan!!
    9b:go Naruto!

    Naruto: Oodama Rasengan!!
    -lots of narutos make lots of rasengans and stop the woods-
    Madara: like you said… hes quite something…
    Kabuto via muu: … Isnt he?
    Naruto: (that chakra 9b gave me…I used it up at once……i feel like disappearing anytime now…)
    Oonoki: .naruto…thats enough…leave it to us
    gaara: tuchikage…and you too should…
    Oonoki: huh….the time has come to regain myself for me …and I got a good opponent for that.

    Oonokis determination!!!
    end  ★ sirsay

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    Prolly the modification, as the body seems to have the cracks that the upgraded white Zetsus have.

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    well, i couldn't stay away. madara's a beast! and kyuubi's such a pussy! forsaking a chance to be unleashed to wreak havoc and instead helps out a wuss like naruto on the basis that he doesn't like how madara uses him like a bitch, though he was a bitch which tore things up!

    or maybe kyuubi had a secret slight affection for kushina...

    either way, he's a punk! malevolent my ass...
    And witness the sparkle within this world of darkness.

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    BTW, do you guys believe Madara can use mokuton because of the Rinnegan, or is this the "modification" kabuto was talking about?[/QUOTE]

    mabe thats what kabuto needed yamato for to take the 1sts genes and put them in madara
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