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    Claymore UCHIHA FUGAKU - is he the man behind the mask ?

    1. Fugaku missing at the event of naruto's birth.

    2. Fugaku never shown as a prime character using great jutsu's by masashi(even the skill of sasuke's mother). but narutos parents was showed off comparitively.

    4. We should never forget that he was the leader of the uchiha clan who knows many things about the history of uchiha(leaders would be powerful for that matter)

    3. Zetsu body could also have been obtained after his death (propably he used izanagi - senju afinity is yet to be known ).

    5. not to mention the possure he had when he attended sasuke's academy ceremony.
    (he had this imacable grunt against villagers).

    6. why not he could have saved the madara after the battle of valley of ends.

    7. he did also have the knowledge of MS and possibly he would have deciphered the tablet also.

    8. during the minato's attack - the masked man was bleeding with cut.
    (tobi - zetsu did't have blood hopeso)

    9. lastly he was also very ambitious.

    1. Tobi had no idea what ET was. This can only mean two things.
    A: He is not from the generation of Madara, the 2nd Mizukage etc who knew what it was.
    B: It makes it increasily unlikely he is Izuna bcos Izuna would know what ET is(unless it was created after his death).

    2. "Edo Tensei was originally intended to wipe the map clean, along with the caster". What the hell did Madara mean by this?
    Why would the caster want to be wiped out and how would Madara know the intentions behind a Senju technique

    3. How did Madara die, was it through his injuries sufferred at VOTE or was it some sort of macbre sacrfice?
    I think at that time, only Hashirama was strong enough to defeat him and in any case, if someone else killed him, he would be world famous for it. The key word is "I died" as oppose to "I was killed"

    4. Why did he die shortly after awakening the rinnegan and what was his unique ems power?

    5. Tobi never made an referrence to Ooniki like you would an old acquaintance/enemy, but Madara did. If Tobi is indeed a clone, wouldn't he have Madara's memories and thus remember Ooniki?

    6. I believe Tobi NEVER intended to revive Madara. Nagato believed Tobi was Madara so wiuldn't he have found it strange that 'Madara' was asking him to revive Madara? Furthermore, Nagato said it was impossible to revive Jirayai bcos of the lapsed time so how could he possibly revive Madara? Rinne Tensei has secrets UNKNOWN to Nagato

    7. Why is Sasuke so IMPORTANT to Tobi? I mean after hearing Nagato's death, he was always goung to go for the rinnegan so why is he bothered about strengthing. Sasuke's eyes and giving him EMS?

    8. Was the rinnegan really Tobi's to begin with? I believe him when he said it but not the simplistic explaination that some ppl might think.
    Madara ONLY gained the rinnegan after getting Izuna's eyes and Hashirama's dna. If either of them had offsprings for example, wouldn't they feel that those eyes were their's to begin with?

    21-11-2011 additional info

    Ever since the latest manga chapters have come out showing us that Tobi is more than likely NOT Madara, I am sure that a lot of you have been going crazy as to who it may or may not be...
    This is what I think about the whole situation, this is strictly a guess and it is my opinion. I do not care if anyone does or does not believe me, but I have made a lot of predictions about the Naruto story as it has gone by over the many years, and I have been right about a majority of them... Im just awesome like that

    Ok lets get into it. There will be a lot to read, but if you stick with it, I know that you will like what I have to say and you may highly consider my arguments and insight on all of this:

    First I want to get into who I DO NOT think it is, who I believe it should NOT be. I have read some theories that other people have had about it being Obito or Madaras brother... okay people lets think about this... I strongly, truly, honestly hope it is not Obito. That story is long gone, it was part of the back story of Kakashi and how he got his sharingan. Obito got crushed by the boulder no doubts about that. Face it people...hes dead. That part of the Naruto story is done and it has served its purpose.

    Second lets talk about Madaras brother Izuna. I took this into consideration like a lot of other people that it could be him, but the more I thought about it... it simply does not make any sense. Madara took both of his eyes and gained the eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. I understand that in the Naruto ninja universe it is entirely possible that perhaps he still lived and got another set of eyes transplanted for him, but honestly once again, that was so far in the past. I would hate for the story to turn out that way, its just stupid.
    I crossed those 2 names off my list already...

    There is one more person that is talked about a lot that it could be... Uchiha Shisui. This would be kinda cool and if Kishimoto explained it in the right way, I would be okay with Tobi being Shisui. Lets talk about him and his role in Naruto. We found out that Itachi was actually very close to Shisui and Danzou had already taken one of his eyes. Shisui entrusted the other to Itachi to avoid conflict over his eyes, and he disappeared leaving no corpse behind... that right there is very suspicious that there was no corpse and that is why I still slightly consider him a possibility to be Tobi... but wait... Tobi is all about the destruction of Konoha and is creating a lot of chaos to achieve "peace". That does not seem like Shisui at all with the way Itachi recently explained things. And of course, he would have had to get some other persons eye transplanted, and someone very powerful at that with the teleportation, other dimension ability that he has. Thinking about all of this information, and if you read up on Shisui... does it really make a lot of sense that it could be him? I think not...

    There is one more thing I want to touch base on before I get into my number one candidate for Tobi. When Madara came out of the coffin he mentioned Nagato and how he has grown. This would mean that Madara was indeed alive during the time that he was a kid when the whole Danzou/Hanzo story arc was taking place, and I believe that Madara was alive during the beginning development stages of Akatsuki. He was probably killed by Tobi around that time. The one thing that is bothering me is the fact that Madara came out of the coffin looking like he did back in the day when he fought with the 1st Hokage. Hes got the old school armor and the long hair. I was under the impression that the impure world resurrection technique brought them back looking the way they did right before they died. That does not appear to be the case since he mentioned Nagato, and perhaps Kabuto can decide how they look or what form they take when they are resurrected. That is something on my mind and I can't quite figure it out...anyway...

    Now for the grand finale!
    I recently thought of this and it is making more and more sense to me...
    Tobi is more than likely somebody during the time that the Uchiha clan was wiped out, he has a grudge against the village, the elders, and wants to take revenge. Ill jump right into it and say that I believe Tobi to be Fugaku Uchiha (Itachi and Sasukes father). Crazy right!?! Here are my reasons why:
    Fugaku was very strong indeed. He was the head of the Uchiha clan and the Captain of the Konoha Military Police Force. He possessed the sharingan, but we never saw him in battle, we never got to see exactly what he could do or what his sharingan was capable of. If you read up on him: ... you will read that the village blamed the Uchiha clan for the Nine Tails attack on the village and out of spite he conspired a coup d'etat to allow the Uchiha clan to take control of the village. Itachi also noted that him and his wife were "absent" before the beast struck, what they were doing is currently unknown. He always focused more on Itachi, picking him to be his favorite over Sasuke. Itachi was very talented and he placed him as a spy in ANBU to get info back to him. Itachi worked as a double agent though, betraying his clan and leaking info back to the village. He started to take notice in Sasuke and his development, especially with the Great Fireball technique... he advised Sasuke not to follow in his brothers footsteps.
    What does all this mean?... Well if you think about Tobi, you will notice that he is taking a rather large interest in Sasuke, choosing him as his right hand man. Fugaku was resentful of how the village had shunned the clan for years. His coup d'etat could have possibly led to Fourth Shinobi World War, he was unwilling to negotiate with the Konoha elders, leading to Itachi assassinating the clan... This is exactly what we are seeing! Him taking revenge on the elders, the ninja war we are seeing now, AND his interest in Sasuke because Itachi let him down!

    I think that Fugaku was very strong at the time of Itachi assassinating the clan. He placed a genjutsu on Itachi to let him believe that he had killed him. So perhaps he did survive? And he has now taken the identity of Tobi. If you take a look at Tobi with his mask on, you will see hes got lines under his eyes, making me to believe that he is a little bit older than Shisui or Obito would be, he appears to be older. Madara mentioned recently that if Kabuto new about "Our Plan"...referring to him and Tobi? The two of them could have been working together since the start of the Nine Tails attack on the village (explaining his absence).

    If you consider all of these facts and really think about it, Fugaku makes the most sense to be Tobi...and personally I would love to see it turn out that way. Once again these are all my opinions, but I also brought a lot of noticeable facts to the table. Think about it, let me know what you think. Thank you for taking the time to read this, have a nice day...
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