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    Naruto RP - KONOHA

    In this thread we'll post introductions to our characters (based on the current manga plz).
    Only post if your character belongs to the particular group in question. Each group will have their own thread, which will serve as a sort of HQ Thread.
    When you RP outside of what's currently happening in the manga (but within the boundaries) do so in this thread for your group.

    To put it simple:
    - You can introduce and develop your character on this thread.
    - You may go off around town or what not. Just dont end up in another continent or something like that, because you need to be within location if your character is brought into action in the following manga chapters.
    - You shoudlnt post here if you arent part of this group.
    - You can challenge people within your same group for fun. You can start the challenge on this thread BUT make a new one for the actual challenge. So that it doesnt get all clustered in here.
    - If you want to say something that isnt RPing write [OOC - Say what you wanna say] that way we avoid confusion.
    - You may use unclaimed roles in your story as long as they are unclaimed.

    Anything else i forgot or ideas on rules wether to add/remove any address it in the original thread where I asked you all to join.

    [Konoha Members]
    Tayuya101 - Sakura
    firepanther - Kiba & Akamaru
    Chimie - Kakashi
    yuugaoambu - Hinata
    gotnicerice - Shino
    KingSoze - Naruto

    [Available Roles]
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    A young, looked to be 15, girl walked around with the semi-big group, searching for Sasuke. They had seen and heard the big explosion, thought he was dead, then found out he wasnt. Shocker there...She sighed and ran a hand threw her pink hair, cursing a bit as they all followed Kiba, who was currently the only one at the moment who could find Sasuke. "This is so...ugh." she mumbled quietly.

    [OOC- Good anough for now. *waits*]

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    (Kiba & Akamaru)
    Kiba sat atop Akamaru, both keeping the scent of Sasuke as fresh in their noses as possible. He knew the others relied on him and his nose to find Sasuke, it was important to them, especially Naruto and Sakura. He couldn't let them all down.
    "He shouldn't be too far..."
    Of course, shouldn't, and wasn't were two things. Who knew what Sasuke was capable now, how fast he was or what other skills he had acquired since running off from Konoha.

    ((ooc: it's been a long time since I've rped, and an even longer time since I've rped a male!
    Just a quick question...are we gong to follow the manga exactly how it is going to play out, or are we basically starting here on another 'path' of the manga??))
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    [From what I'm getting, its following the manga. In my opinion, its lame to do that. But w/e.]

    Sakura sighed and nodded. She was tired but she wouldnt give up now. They had to find Sasuke.

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