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Thread: Doubled entry

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    Doubled entry

    No matter which name I click it leads me to link below and inside there are only releases from 2009. Pls fix it.

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    There are some dupe title, group in the database. Please merge or delete one of them.

    Magician: 1, 2
    Skip Beat: 1, 2
    Shaman king Kan Zen Ban: 1, 2

    Group: Red Hawk, Red Hawk Scanlations

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    Rosario+Vampire: 1, 2

    Also in database there is To Love-Ru and To Love-Ru - Trouble (both are same), To Love-Ru (OVA) and To Love-Ru [OVA],Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 and Tokyo Magnitude 8, Umi Monogatari and Umi Monogatari - Anata ga Ite Kureta Koto

    Hidoi~! Translators and Hidoi Translators (First is correct name)

    Also is just like in my first post. 2 entries and 1 link only leading to old releases.

    And there for sure is more.
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    another is Maken-Ki! and Maken-Ki

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    This problem started a long time ago, the actually reason that this is started is because of some vague content in the rules like this rule: "Don't steal. This includes using a scanlation, translation, or raw for your own work without 1) permission and 2) properly crediting." This applies when someone put up a post without it's resource, ( "if someone wants to know an example then ask with a pm, I'm not allowed to put up an example because of the general rules") their is not even one link that directs to the scanlators site neither to their reader, this could as well being a fake (this also happened before, and the post stays happy alive. I started to notice this some while ago, when a release of my favorite series was posted, but the problem with that release was that it wasn't draw by the mangaka yet (I could confirm this by checking the authors site, and their the chapter was absent (the releases are going online in première)). I already complained about the dupe checker, normally when you add something the dupe checker let you see if it's already out. It let you see the post that was already added before right under the post that you wanted to add, but this is broken for some time and it see your own post under the actual post that you wanted to put up, so you don't know if it's or not( a good example is utopia, they release as well in Spanish as in English, but the database calls it the same (another bug), therefor their were similar group names added to the database, for solving this problem, but this created another problem; 'Under which name do you need to add the release, and how can you check if it's already added?' (O yeah, only uploaders( mods and admins) can see if something is already added.) And another bug is that the manga database is mixed up with the anime database, this wasn't before. Some series are even added 4 times on the database that way. Also that double post the anime share section, is caused by the lack of function to add more than one link for a release, if the previous post has a dead link, it can't be replaced.

    So in short, a collection of bugs is responsible for the messed up database, the only one that can fix this is the site owner, but he went missing after mangashare was hacked.
    This is also the reason why their aren't any bans on the moment, I already complained a couple times by other admins because of those fake and wrong posts, but they can't do anything without the permission of the site owner as it is about a big matter.
    Well, at least if the site owner discovers that someone is using the mangshare platform to advertise his site and this way stealing a large sum of money from the mangshare platform, I'm rather surprised that the site owner hasn't noticed this yet.
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    Chomio you really did a nice job...thanks for the sharing
    Be honest every time.

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