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    Tobi/Madara's plans for Sasuke

    Chapter 560 seems to shed some light on Tobi's plans for Sasuke. It appears, at least to me, that EMS turns into Rinnegan near the point of death. Did the Sot6P have Rinnegan while fighting the Jyuubi, or did he awaken those eyes after defeating it? We don't see his eyes in that one panel of him facing the Jyuubi, so it's possible he fought it without the Rinnegan, and awakened it later.

    If near-death is responsible for changing EMS to Rinnegan, it might explain why Tobi was so eager to get Sasuke to desire EMS. Constantly putting him into battles that drain his own eyes and make him doubt his own power eventually led him to wanting Itachi's eyes. Tobi also promised that Sasuke will face Naruto. Naruto himself said that if the two of them fight again, they'll both die. It appears, then, that Tobi wants Sasuke to awaken the Rinnegan. We can see that Tobi has been working on his "Hashirama-cells" plan to make the transformation to the Rinnegan a reality too.

    Could Tobi's plan have been to raise a new Uchiha to be a vessel for Madara's soul? Such a theory suggests Madara's body is no longer a factor, of course, but it would explain why Madara invested time in training Itachi in the first place. To nurture a prodigy Uchiha who loves his brother would mean a potential new Rinnegan. Also, the Rinne Tensei is known to be able to take a soul and throw it into a body. The intention could be to rip Sasuke's soul out once he develops the Rinnegan, and put Madara's into Sasuke's body, thus creating a body that can handle Madara's true power.

    What we saw from Madara in chapter 560 is an example of the end result of Tobi's plan. I'm convinced Madara's rampage is going to be cut short by something (Edo Tensei interruption, for instance) to allow Sasuke to possess this power in a more significant battle.

    Your thoughts?

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    The juubi was created by the so6p, and his supposed battle with it was just to heighten his status in the world he was in then.

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    and how exactly did the sage go about in creating the juubi, its body, and beyond-comprehending mass of diabolically-foul chakra?
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    ummm the sage didnt create the juubi he defeated it and then split its chakra to make the tailed beast.

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