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    Death Note ~ Takeshi Obata & Tsugumi Ohba

    A Death Note Thread hasn't been posted yet? Surprise, surprise... Whatever, you really need to get your priorities straight if you haven't read this wonderful masterpiece by Ohba Tsugumi (story) and Obata Takeshi (art).

    The story follows a young teenager named Light who finds a mysterious notebook labeled "Death Note," which he discovers will cause the person's whose name you write in it to die, according to the specifications the one wielding the Death Note writes. Rules do apply, however, particularly that the wielder must know the name and face of the one they wish to kill. Light decides he will use the Death Note to cleanse the world of evil, and causes a global uproar at the seemingly mysterious deaths of the world's most notorious criminals. Desperate to catch the crook, Interpol employs the services of the mysterious "L," an eccentric genius that can solves even the most complex crimes. Armed with only their wits, Light and L face off in the largest, most complex battle of the minds you'll ever see.

    Amazing story, great characters and some of the most beautiful artwork you'll ever see, this is a must-read for any anime/manga fan. The complex plot will keep you on your toes as Light and L do the most unexpected things to best each other. If you don't read this, there's something seriously wrong with you.
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