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    This is bs. Now they made the sharingan uber strong. And naruto has to wait 5 or 10 minutes to power up his sanin Sharingan can switch in the blink of an eye. Time for another naruto power up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rinnebadass View Post
    only you to come with just a stupid and baseless "theory". seriously... that's not even rational at all.
    mark my words BIATCH! besides, naruto would SO do this kind of a selfless act like that, resulting in the sealing of everybody's access to chakra along with the permanent death of the jyuubi; even if he doesn't get to become hokage because of it. and i easily see sasuke taking the glory while crying himself to sleep with tears of blood at the extreme sacrifice of his friend, forever changing his heart into a nice guy, and of course getting to keep sakura, for naruto's sake if nothing else.
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    What are you talking about?

    Can you read and comprehend at the same time, the answer is no. Where does in all the 560 chapters say that kabuto has rinnegan. Edo madara unlocked it before his death which also explain why tobi/madara rants on about nagato, saying he gave it him and how he betrayed him by not using rinne tensei on him to revive his real body. *Spoiler alert* Tobi is probably a stronger zetsu clone or even maybe a split like muu's splitting technique which doesnt allow him to use his full might once split. Something to think about!!! Don't write off tobi still being madara just because the sixth coffin has been revealed, but I am still curious because how kabuto addressed him before they joined forces.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rokudaime Sennin ™ View Post
    Naruto will get a rinnegan, u can count on that, he is going to become the 4th Rikudou Sennin. (not sure wtf Madara w/rinnegan fits into this, yet) I could give u a long explanation, but that would be off topic.

    Anyways, now i'm curious as to where the hell did Kabuto get his rinnegan from. Now we know why he wants Sasuke's body.

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    Kabuto did not do such a thing. Madara stated to him that he did not give him this power, he unlocked it before his death.

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