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    Bakuman 151 Discussion/ 152 Predictions

    New chapter is out! Enjoy ^^

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    I actually like Eiji's work more than that of Muto. Maybe because Muto's piece is just too complex.

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    Nice chapter.

    I just love all their enthusiasm. Ashirogi Muto piece does sound interesting though.

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    great chapter...

    Eiji's piece reminds me of a fusion of High School of the Dead and Rosario + Vampire.

    and i really really getting a serious vibe of Death Note from Muto pieces.but they made it a little different and interesting.

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    don't you feel this chapter is a stand alone that isn't a stand alone?

    in the last pages, that's exactly what i was thinking: all previous chapters are used to foreshadow their ability to write a manga like this of the two demons, and you want to discover what happens next. meanwhile, this chapter is in a certain way a stand alone, which makes it a stand alone that isn't a stand alone.

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    Exactly! We're being played, played damn good. This is why I really love Bakuman.

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    Again a really nice chapter....I can't wait to see Eiji's super piece go up against Ashirogi's new piece. I must say the two demons thing sounds like good cop-bad cop to
    Lets wait and see how it plays out. With this I'm sure Eiji and Ashirogi though their competing will be in the own world trying to topple each other from first place but ultimately alternating between 1st and 2nd. The rest (PCP, Giri, Mikata etc) will be fighting for third and below.

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