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    Such a badass chapter.

    I've got high hopes for the next chapter. Kenpachi was my favourite captain in the Soul Society arc. Can't wait for next week. It's gunna be great.

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    the man(or creature) that s gonna force zaraki to use bankai is not born yet(or doesn't exist yet) ....

    Wow,reading the posts, are heavily attached to zaraki.

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    Somehow i dont see Ken-chan screaming bankai. I think that would be like a last resort after both he and notoira tested out their strength against each other......... Notoira didnt release when fighting nell, why would ken-chan "bankai" against notoira?

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    why oh why did noitora abused Orihime's delicate mouth like that????!!!!!!

    Because of that he deserve to get his butt kick by kenpachi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    awesome chapter by the way

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    OMFG!!! I laughed in a way in which I had never done when i saw Kenpachi??!!! It was about time the author showed all Ichigo fans that Ichigoisnt the strongest character here muahahah and the uber strongests character is Kenpachi!

    Oh and for the record.... Kenpachi's zanpakto is always released... meaning is always in shikai... ;p

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    KENPACHI! does not need bankai.KENPACHI! will win no matter what
    KENPACHI! will kick every ones ass then have tea with Chuck Norris

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    Kenpachi vs espada #5.... this fight... im gonna love to see

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    It's time to start a WAR!!! Alrite Soul Society goin Hueco Mundo to protect everyone. The best conclusion is Kuchiki Byakuya savin Rukia. This is goin to be sweet.

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    Kenpachi showing up = |Espadas gonna get their butts kicked really hard!

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    this was a pretty good chapter but u have to admit kubos pulling all of this out of his ass...
    i mean ichigo draws a fight with kenpachi at shikai level and now in like 1 years time hes all of the sudden strong enough to beat someone who ichigo with a hollow mask couldnt...

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