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    Fairy Tail 255 Discussion / 256 Predictions

    Fairy Tail chapter 255

    New chapter is out! Thanks mangastream ^^

    Mangastream reader

    Mangashare tracker

    Lol after all, it really was Mavis. Maan this girl really must have been supper strong in her lifetime to do something like this. Only downside of this is that the members didn't grow any stronger. Next chapter : destruction of the other guild ^^
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    I love the way Mashima makes his characters do epic entrance. Well, I think most people were right about Mavis.

    Other Mangakas kinda drag and built up the reunion phase with a couple of chapters after a timeskip so as to produce a climatic emotional response to its readers.

    IMO, Mashima was able to accomplish it with just two chapters.

    It's either that or I'm just easy to please. hihi

    And yeah... NAKAMA POWER RULES!! hihi

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    Okay, takes back what I have said about this arc^^ Its starting to get good! Really liked that they hadnt aged and that the fairy was Mavis herself!

    And teah Monte.Teacher, love all the epic entrances hahahah!

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    I love the cover as well.

    I'm looking forward to knowing what has happened to the rest of world. Jellal? Zeref? The cats as they were trying to rebuild their race? The ministry of Majic? Raven's tail? Ultear? etc.

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    A timeskip where the entire main cast has to adjust to the world having undergone serious change for the past seven years. Very original on Mashima's part. Now I wonder if he'll continue the story in this current time frame or find someway for the guild to regress through time, back to the past.

    I never would've guessed that out of all the potential couples, the shy cannot spit it out duo of Alzack and Bisca would be the first to get together. That seven year head start may have had something to do with it.

    Romeo utilizing fire magic just like his dad and big bro, although I thought he'd be farther along then he is now. Can't wait to see Natsu show him a thing or two.

    Mavis could be confused for an actual fairy with regards to her appearance. The final of the three great fairy magics, "Fairy Sphere" being based on the combined strength of the guild goes along perfectly with their mentality.

    Now where do we go from here? Guessing a readjustment period is in order.

    As long as everything just keeps on flowing forward, then that's already enough.
    Where there's a will there's a way!

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    Great chapter.

    I hope everyone's happy now after all that complaining last week. Well what do you know, that was Mavis.

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    Oh fucking wow.

    Seriously, Mashima?! SERIOUSLY???!!

    Kubo actually looks like a great mangaka compared to you.

    It was far worse than imagined. There wasn't even an ATTEMPT at build-up. It was just

    "Whoosh, there's the island, whoosh, there's Natsu, whoosh, everyone's back. YAY!!!"

    I knew Mashima would rush to get back to his safe, predictable formula but, must have broken a world record for sure.

    And what was that bullshit about the first master who came out of nowhere turning their friendship into a magic shield that froze them? What? Why? How? Where did the first come from, how can she appear in her ethereal form, what is this fairy sphere, how does it work, why does friendship activate it and why did it never activate before, why did it take 7 years to undo, what was the point of 7 years passing, what was the point of it all!?! What, what, what!?? There's absolutely NO attempt at any sort of internal logic in this series, Mashima is just, "It's MAGIC, ACCEPT IT!!! Here have some titties to take your mind of it! LOOK AT THE TITTIES!!!"

    At this point I wouldn't be surprised if Mashima finally kills Makarov, just to bring him back right away as a ghost. And you know that in FT, if you're a ghost, you're pretty much still alive.

    Quote Originally Posted by xioaxioa View Post
    Fisher Tiger is a punk ass bitch.

    -----credit to Maximo for the kick ass ava----

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulbee View Post
    It appears (Guessing for all it's worth), that Mavis or That fairy, merely transported Fairy Tail and Tenrou Island Seven Years into the Future, to avert Acnologia's Blast?
    Quote Originally Posted by paulbee View Post
    I don't know if the last picture is Canon, where some members (don't see Natsu) are shown bandaged and still injured. If it is, this is not much of a Time Skip. To the Heroes, it would seem like a few days, their injuries not having even healed yet. All the time skip did was to save them and Tenrou Island from certain destruction by acnologia. It wasn't used to defeat an enemy, just to deceive it.

    Unless I am wrong, I can't see any reason for the protests. Certainly, the group was all already banged up, their magic power used up, and a fight with acnologia was massively unfair to them at that point.

    I was pretty close
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    okay well we know now the 3 great fairy magic now what?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flare Blitz View Post
    Though a 7 year time-leap is a big one, Natsu and the others have just been transported to the future as suspected.
    They haven't been stuck on that Island for seven years FM, they probably haven't been on it for a day.
    They'll just spawn and be like: what happened? Didn't Acnowlogia just fire at us?
    btw why do they translate it Acnologia now?
    Allright, They weren't transported to the future but remained in a frozen state for 7 years.
    The seccond part I got right though :p
    Nice reunion & explaination chapter.

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