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    Katekyo Hitman Reborn 357 Discussion / 358 Predictions

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    Chapter was great. Im gonna say it every week, Im lovin this arc. Do you guys beleive Byakuran's mr. nice guy act? Do you think its an act, at all? I think he'll end up turning on Tsuna, but if done right this could be good. Those two on teams, Byakuran fighting off Mukuro and Xanxus. Tsuna forced to fight against his dad and Enma.

    Plus I want to see what this version of Byakuran can do.

    What if this was all a plan. The first Byakuran could jump through different dimensions, he had to have opened something to get the other Byakuran through. I thought he retained his thoughts or something like that, could be wrong. But if so, all the Byakurans know about the opening, so they keep on coming. Here is the sad of them finally gets Tsuna, thats why we saw a casket wit the 10th seal on it in the futre arc.

    Lastly, where is the arcobelano Bermuda. Did they ever say?
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    Nice chapter.

    When the idea of alliances came up last chapter I knew Byakuran would want an alliance with Tsuna.

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    an alliance with Byakuran.. now that's interesting. what will be Tsuna's response..can't wait to find out!
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    Hooo, so Tsuna could have 3 sky users (Byakuran, Tsuna, Dino), this could be helpful. Actually, it would be funny if everyone wanted to team up with Tsuna and all of them would fight against Xanxus first :p (not gonna happen).

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    I'm excited to simply know what Iemitsu's flame is.

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    i really thought i posted here already......... huh ? but great chapter. i doubt he will go for it.
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