We're pleased to finally open up our online manga viewer to the public eye. This is the first of a few upcoming major additions to the MangaShare website.

Check it out at:
Online Manga Reader at Manga Share

Our launch lineup for the viewer includes a completely up to date collection of the following 5 series:

- Bleach
- Claymore
- D.Gray-man
- Death Note
- Naruto

That's nearly 1,000 chapters of manga available here for you now. Although our initial series selection here is small, you won't be disappointed with the rate at which new series are added. We'll be working hard to build this site up to become one of the finest collections.

If you have any suggestions, you can use the Manga Share suggestions forum to have them heard. Before it's suggested a hundred times, we will be adding the most popular mangas for sure (One Piece / ES21 / PoT / Fullmetal Alchemist / 666 Satan / Fairy Tail / Gantz / Berserk / Vagabond... to name a few). We'll also be adding an RSS feed shortly.

We hope ya' enjoy our new feature here at MS.