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    wait what is this manga again?

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    Boxing manga silly, plus the new show started out again!
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    For those interested who were also interested by the anime a new Hajime no Ippo anime season is ongoing right now and the first episode is out !

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    i was wondering if there were Higher Quality releases of chpater 724 to i know at least chapter 791, i've tried to search through the recommended links on the actual scans themselves but have come up empty handed.

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    i just caught up, this is the only sports manga/anime that i like. its fucking awesome

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    I can't believe Ippo gets the title in about 200 chapters and then just defends for 600 or so, shouldn't he aim higher like Date. Also, other than the constant references to his penis, I'd say it's quite funny (without being disturbing) but what I really like are the fights
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    he is aiming higher. he ranked in the top 10 in the world (WBC) rankings. + in those 600 chaps we've had takamura conquering 2 weight classes and miyata's story/fights among others.

    i hope that upcoming will be the long awaited fight with miyata or a fight with a higher ranking boxer.

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    I think he ranked 13th and miyata ranked 9th. He can't challenge martinez yet...

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    Takamura Mamoruu!!!11111111111

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    This is my new favorite manga series..I've watched the anime years ago, then the movie and now Hajime no Ippo: Revolution...Those are for the anime...

    For the manga, however, the fights get raw and brutal through time...The jokes are funny but sometimes the fight scenes tend to get boring and predictable..specially if it's an Ippo fight..a real Shonen manga.. All-in-all, it's an entertaining series and not just for boxing enthusiasts..

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