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Thread: The Avengers

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    ^Agree. A gun on his hand doesn't fit too well for a superhero like him either. A normal soldier can shoot enemies just as good. There's no "super" on that. Cap needs to throw his shield more and catch it like he knows where and when it will be to add some effect.

    Yeah Stark and Cap would be like Zoro and Sanji. Thor would be more amused rather than offended by Stark's antics and Bruce Banner would be all nice to him but would love to chop his head off once he turns to the Hulk.

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    Hmm The Avengers... I am really looking forward to this movie. I am interested because in the trailer it shows Captain America going up against Thor in a fight. Plus I am gonna assume the movie is basically a Loki lead invasion of earth and Nick Fury assembles the Avengers but the first outing is a Failure and leads to the Captain America rallying and reassembling the Avengers to lead a successful fight against Loki. But the Hulk is gonna Fuck shit up in the end and kick everyones ass except Captain America will beat him because his Shield can absorb the blows of the Hulk and stop him.


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    So now that the movie's actually out and coming out on video, did people like it, or not?
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    The film was truly awesome, my son used to watch this film over and over again because it is good to see all the super heroes at once.
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    Yeah I watched this movie in 3D, and it was an awesome experience for me because the story and the 3D effects are really amazing. Iron man is always my hero.

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    Thanks for sharing this trailer here at

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    Well, after all the expectations went for the premium 3D show. I don’t think they are still ready to release such an advanced move. Because I noticed some of the 3D effects are pretty ordinary. Of cause children will not spot them at all. But not the same case with adult movie loves who have much better idea about the current technology. Overall it was a disappointment for me.

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