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What if Madara abducted Nagato during the destruction of the whirlpool country while Nagato was a baby.

He had no memories of being orphaned or his village being destroyed, and lives his younger years through a genjutsu believing he has parents. By using leaf shinobi to murder his "fake" parents, not only did Madara help unlock Nagato's rinnegan, but he planted a seed of hatred for the leaf within Nagato.

****all speculation, if you intend to bash the theory, please don't respond, as i didnt really think about this before posting this, so i don't intend to defend it****
Don't know if this counts as bashing or not, but..

For what reason would Madara have abducted Nagato? We've seen no evidence that you can tell who has the potential to develop the Rinnegan, so the Rinnegan couldn't be the reason.