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Tobi was wearing a mask so it makes me wonder what exactly did the fox know just by looking at the mask. We have been told by tobi(predenting to be madara, man this getting confusing LOL..) madara that he used the fox against hasihrama, maybe there other MS users during madara's time that controlled the fox.

Fox notices a sharngan i dunno maybe he knew it wasnt madara and was someone else, from our point of view this isnt much of a lead.

But what is very intresting about this is that the FOX still knows alot about whats going on and may well be the one that tells us who tobi is. That would be very approite in my eyes and since naruto and the fox need to come to some agreement its a nice starting point for them to relate.
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Seems like it's you and me then, everyone else here is convinced that Tobi is a Madara clone in one way or another.
@ Gaara kazekage: good to know i'm not the voice in the wilderness on this one

@psukkar: even sasuke demonstrated how much control his sharingan had over the fox when team 7 first were reunited, so i would rule it out