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We need to know how Madara died, Who Tobi is, Why Tobi is doing what he's doing, and what the two of them intended to do when Madara was revived. We will also learn how Madara survived his battle with Hashirama, What Tobi/Madara's relation to Nagato is, and Who Zetsu is. Finally, these revelations will explain what Kabuto intended to do with Edo Madara,Why this blackmails Tobi, and What technique Kabuto is keeping up his sleeve in addition to Edo Madara (which gave him confidence to win out even over Tobi's Rinnegan/Sharingan combo).

Hopefully we also learn what Itachi plans to do about Kabuto, and What Tobi's plan for Sasuke is. Ultimately, Sasuke/Itachi are the major wild cards here in the power struggle between Kabuto and Madara; we know that Kabuto and Tobi both want Sasuke alive, but Itachi is coming after Kabuto, and Sasuke is coming after everyone.
although we dont know much, we can assume even tobi, regardless if he is a clone/split of Madara, intended to act on his own goals, and didn't want to bring back Madara. He even assumed the identity of Madara himself. There fore, it makes sense that if someone was acting as a great powerful person, and someone revealed that they were not that powerful person, they would be infuriated. Tobi's character is already a sociopath. He lied to all of the akatsuki members and fooled them into thinking they could fufill their goals.