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    Bleach 468 Discussion / 469 Predictions

    Bleach chapter 468

    New chapter is out! Thank you mangazone!

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    Meh, I'm pretty sure Byakuya is just studying Tsuki's ability. He probably thrown a kidou at some point in the battle that would turn things around.

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    yeah, im sure byakuya wont have any trouble, but tsuki's ability is pretty cool. cool chapter, they could have left out the ikkaku part tho

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    After reading Naruto this week, Bleach just cant compare. Although, Kubo did give it a good try. It looks like Tsuki is no push over. I dont really understand how his power works in this chapter, but it was still kinda awesome.

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    Byakuya isn't the type of person you tell how your ability works, although he'll figure it out but Tsuki made a dumb move to reveal his full ability. He thinks he has Byakuya but he doesn't realise his now within his range.

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    +2 points for Kubo, after a horrible dry period, we know have gotten two pretty good chapters in a row, good to see that Tsukishima's powers are so OP that he doesn't have to bee I just hope that Byakuya just say "WHAT EVZ" and then kill Tsukishima in some lame way. And I'm glad to see that there still is some potential left in the fullbringers and this makes me want to see the substitute shinigami fight ever more.

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    I'm officially over this foolbringer nonsense. Tsuki's powers just crossed over from borderline absurd to downright stupid. I get the feeling Kubo is trying too hard to outdo himself. I really don't mind being trolled as long as stupid shit isn't happening. That isn't the case here.

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    The only fullbringer fight chapter I enjoyed. I completely disagree with SquadZero on that one, I think it made his abilities more interesting and it was frankly kind of needed for Tsukishima to even have a fair standing in this fight. Also, am I the only one totally digging Byakuya's new haircut? I find it so much more aesthetically fitting for some reason.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SquadZero View Post
    I'm officially over this foolbringer nonsense. Tsuki's powers just crossed over from borderline absurd to downright stupid. I get the feeling Kubo is trying too hard to outdo himself. I really don't mind being trolled as long as stupid shit isn't happening. That isn't the case here.
    There can be two possible conclusions, brought up in this chapter that could still have sense.

    One is that his ability works differently for living things and non-living, but has the same basis of memory alteration, which in case of non-living objects, memory change means alteration of it's existence, shape, and so on. It's like a wood table, remembers that it was just a wood, but Tsuki force it to remember that from wood it become a wood chair. The memory of non-living objects is stored in their souls (that's what it said at the beginning of this arc), thus with their own power they can alter physical shape, which remember being different than it is... assuming when a normal objects change it's shape, it's soul changes with it.

    The other one is that, his ability has nothing to do with memory alteration, but it's more akin to time travel where he splits his presence and sends it back in time, thus allowing him to alter past by his actions (like creating a trap) or making his presence appear there and swap with someone's else (what he did with Chad and Ori). It could be called experience alteration, where he made the roof, experience the creation of the trap by his hands in it's past and that is why the trap appeared in the present.

    He changes the experience of only one thing or one person, which prevents it from skipping time lines. It's like he jumps back in time, changes past, thus creating a new time line and when going back to the original, he brings that one other person's/thing's existence with him, which overlap it's other self.

    Actually it's really f*cked up :p.

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    This week's Bleach was fun.

    I love trolling bullshit like this.

    Douchebag: Does your power work with inorganic matter, too?
    Shuu-chan: Well, I don't remember saying that it doesn't.



    Byakuya: does your power work on poop too
    Shuu-chan: i don't remember saying that it didn't

    Did this exchange honestly just happen? Really​?

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