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    Pretty good episode, though I only skipped through. Tobi was awesome, and Gai and Kakashi was quite humorous. We got to see Sai, so next arc begins, cool I guess.

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    Tobi looks bad ass but his voice is annoying, they should have Sanji's voice of one piece.

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    I actually liked this episode. Haha, Tobi was awesome. I liked the voice they used. It's very loose, gleeful and annoying (which he's supposed to be). He really does lighten up the mood of Akatsuki's gloomy group. Tobi... cool.

    Also, the Gai and Kakashi piggy back ride was really funny
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    man tobi's voice is weird. Always imagined it would be a little bit older not like a little boys' voice

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    I think he is just actin that way...his voice will become serious later on I bet.Tobi and deidara are funny together
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    i have never understodd why there are so many tobi fans. is it because of all the theories of who he is?? but anyway, this was a good episode. i do agree with chiyo's mourning. it was overdone, but im ready for the next arc

    and i love Tobi's voice! it was strange at first, but its hilarious. it fits the character nicely

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    I thought Tobi's voice matched his goofy character. I reckon it'll change once he reveals himself.

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    very good episode, it ended one arc and introduced 2 new characters in a very good way. "Tobi's a good boy" was pretty funny, I bet he deserves a cookie. My favorite scene was when Tobi's sayin to diedara that he cut it really close, and diedara tells tobi that u hit him 3 times, even the buddha will get mad, and that diedara will decide how to kill tobi. Tobi's response, "what's to decide? You'd just blow me up." LOL I knew he'd say it. And I agree on the voice, it sounded strange at first without the subs, then it made sense and fits in.

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    [DB] Naruto Shippuuden 32


    Released by Dattebayo.

    The beginning pissed me off a little bit. If it wasn't for Tobi's sense of humor....*sigh*

    Anyway, time to hear people thoughts about this episode.

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