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    German Television Channel insults Video Gamers

    German TV Channel RTL made a report about the gamescom 2011 in Cologne. Which resulted in a big insult to gamers.

    Here is the report with subs:

    Apparantly they have apologized after getting 6000 complaints. But it still enrages me when I think about it.

    I was at the gamescom myself and instead of reporting about all the fun and the games, they have nothing better to do than this.

    So what do you guys/gals think about it?
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    hahaha, wow, that was very discriminatory. I'd hate to see them do a story on comic-con. On the other the hand, the news anchor woman was HOT!!!

    How awesome are the guys that turned the wii remotes into semi-automatics? That would have been a problem in the US.

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