Wow. Just wow. That chapter was so full of sexy!!
Now moving on.

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EDIT: I was also just checking out why mangafox had more than 208 chapters (btw Zone was...different to how I expected XD) and does anyone else think this guy looks like allen? I wonder if renee is that guy's sister/daughter...and maybe allen was an experiment? D: Strange thought, what if someone at the eastern branch had had allen/made him, the 14th put his soul/memories inside him, and then allen didn't wake up until a few years before kanda? What if the guy in that picture was actually allen's brother born later(which'd make Bak like his nephew lol) and when he was a kid helped allen escape/dumped him somewhere before he woke up, and then grew up to become a scientist?
it'd explain why allen seems to have no mentioned parents, or a real name before he met mana
While this is quite the interesting idea, I don't think it's possible. Bak and his entire family are of asian descent whereas Allen is of European descent. Hoshino made it very clear he was British.

On the other hand, I absolutely loveedd Kanda's entrance. Just like we all thought, he waltzed right in. What I did NOT expect, is for him to call Lenalee 'quite ugly'. Not that I disagree, Hoshino has been drawing her in a very non-flattering way since well..last chapter. Allen's leaving does that to people

And is it just me or does Allen have that 'bad boy' look in his eyes. While I'm a bit worried about that little girl, I'm more worried that the stupid Grim Reaper is still after him! He should give up already, Allen made it very clear he was not interested in that kind of a relationship...but hey, who can resist right?

Ok ok I'm done flattering Allen in every possible way. Kanda Yuu pulls off the most masculine flower I've ever in my life seen. True story. Not that I've seen another male-human-flower combo before...

Thank you Hoshino!!! This was a wonderful chapter, and personally, I love where this is headed.

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Allen´s behavior reminds me when the 14th took over him. Like when he got stabbed by his sword and had that creepy smile. That, and we didn't see his whole face... its' kinda suspicious.

If that's true and Cross said he would kill people he cared about when he bacame the 14th... where's Baba and the old lady? We saw him arrive there and now he's on the streets of London...???

i liked this cahapter,now if only Hoshino can give me 40 pages of this monthly issues.
I agree with you on the suspiciousness but I won't question it much

And hey, at least the number of pages is steadily going up every month! We'll get to 40 soon enough, I'm sure.