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    Naruto 558 Discussion / 559 Predictions

    Naruto chapter 558

    New chapter has been released by mangazone!

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    The Heropon! Sirxxx's Avatar
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    Wow. Something that everybody and their uncle saw coming paired with something that I'm certain no one could have predicted. Great chapter!

    *sigh* Worthless Sakura is worthless...


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    WTF!! That was just Naruto's clone fighting the Kages!! Now who said the Raikage was hax!... hihi

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    Yesss... Rlinfamous's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Monte.Teacher View Post
    WTF!! That was just Naruto's clone fighting the Kages!! Now who said the Raikage was hax!... hihi
    Haha, we all suspected it was a clone until we saw those scenes of Bee (by himself) taking a leak... although I guess it just makes sense that he'd be by himself for that.

    Naruto jumping to all the battlefields and saving the day is pretty epic. Good to see him reunited with Hinata in the war (and Sakura...).

    Can't wait to see whatever the Mizukage is summoning, but I'm glad to see Naruto's come so far... he's seriously got some Kage-level clones if one of them is capable of beating that overpowered Third Raikage (with a tiny bit of help from the Rubber Guy). Now that we know it was a clone, I can resume my theory of Naruto getting an insane amount of training in one day by fighting all of the remaining Edo Tensei with his clones, with all of it ending up as combat experience he can use against Madara/Sasuke.

    I can't even say it enough, Naruto's chakra is friggin ridiculous. To think that each of those clones is able to stay in Kyuubi Mode that long, use about 100 different Rasengan combos (including Rasenshuriken), attempt a Bijuu Bomb, and then enter Sage Mode. And then keep fighting! That clone with Gaara isn't even out of power after taking down 2 Kages.

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    That must be the reason the clone was cocky and all since he wasn't able to hear Itachi's lecture. He was a clone after all.

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    wow Naruto's clone are freaking amazing then O_o

    as Rlinfamous said, he will get a HUCE chunk of battle experience from this!

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    Awsome chapter on the notion of naruto kicking the disguised zetsu's ass, and doing his usual surpise rasengan.

    However, im kind of ticked that Muu isn't fully sealed yet, i have no idea why Kishi doesn't at least move to something plot related like itachi vs. kabuto, something more about madara or sasuke! NOT THESE DAMN EDO TENSEI WHO DONT AFFECT THE PLOT :(

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    Senior Member janfeae's Avatar
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    Naruto....gotta love him lol. I wonder what muu is summoning, and why kabuto said summon that instead of summon him.

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    Good to see Sakura is still worthless.

    As it's been stated, Naruto's going to get alot of experience from this but he's also going to gain a hell of a lot of cumulative fatigue, as we saw during his change in chakra nature training. Perhaps he'll rejuvenate himself with some sage chakra.

    As to Muu, I'm pretty damn glad Kishi let him escape as it was one of my concerns with how easily he was sealed. Glad Kishi gives him as much credit as I did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by janfeae View Post
    Naruto....gotta love him lol. I wonder what muu is summoning, and why kabuto said "summon that" instead of "summon him".
    Because he's going to summon the 10-tails...

    Would be freaky. I actually don't really believe in it as the 10-tails is not really dead. Its body is in the moon and its soul has been splitted in 9 parts. To be called "that" should still means it should be kind of ridiculous kickass monster of the 10-tails or Demonic-Statue-of-the-Outer-Path type. The DSotOP is not possible either as it is alive and in use by Madara at the moment. A 3rd monster probably, and still unknown to us.

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