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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaiden View Post
    Ah Paul I think that's just a leaf blowing in the wind.
    Ah, Jaiden...You're probably right. The simplest explanation is probably the correct one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by One Piece View Post
    Instead of it being a fairy wouldn't it make the most sense if the girl was mavis?
    That's what I thought instantly too. There was no indication that Mavis was male or female.

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    @onepiece Mavis could be a fairy for all we know.
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    I was rolling my eyes during the zerg rush of Acnologia, couldn't help but be reminded of ones of the villains from Tales of Xillia when that fairy girl showed up, and then...everyone 'died', and then bam, seven years.

    So...what? Everyone got blasted into the future? Got stuck in some trippy purgatory for seven years? Even though we had already figured out that the panel of the boy was supposed to be in the future, this is nothing if not bizarre. Just...weird and stupid.

    It's pretty hard to surpass "three years of training with a legendary master bring no progress" and "seventeen months aren't enough to speak with my dad", but I believe Mashima can do it.

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    shiro merciless's Avatar
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    yeah exactly what i said, her ears look also similar to how grandine was pictured behind wendy when they were taking out that big robot in the previous arc. If grandine can become a ball of light, then she sure as hell can become a humanoid

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    Vongola Sun Guardian jio999's Avatar
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    lol someones been asking oda for advice.

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    LOL, U MAD? Arbitrary's Avatar
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    That timeskip was too quick, I guess they needed to boos the manga's popularity.

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    King Dingaling Muddafuher One Piece's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrFry View Post
    @onepiece Mavis could be a fairy for all we know.
    That's what i kinda was thinking at first but then i remembered the meaning behind the name of Fairy Tail. The mystery of whether or not fairy's had tails or not or something along those lines and if mavis was a fairy then the whole meaning behind the naming of fairy tail would be kinda pointless.

    Fairy Tail sometimes has little twists but other then a few random ones, this manga's pretty predictable ( yet still good despite the whole natsu plot plot power ups...) For example, Gildartz, Fried, Bixlow, and Laxus all showing up. They were supposed to be surprises but almost everyone knew they were coming.

    It's going to be the same thing i'm guessing, we have guildmaster number 2 and 3 both being old men so when it's revealed that mavis was a young girl it's supposed to be a surprise, but at the same time not really much a surprise once we think back to this chapter.

    but yeahhhhhhhhh, mavis makes the most logical sense. First Mavis see how kana regrets abandoning her friends and wants to go back to save them so she gives Kana fairy glitter. Next Mavis see how strong the bond everyone has so she does something to save them.

    oh, and the boy is definitely romeo. It looks exactly like him but taller and the clothes like natsu are because i think natsu turned into his idol or something after he saved macao in the first 5 chapters or something

    (yeah it's a long post but i haven't been on in a while so nobody judge me )

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    I don't like this idea of a timeskip at all. =0 I guess there will be a twist that changes some things, i really hope this will turn out well...

    Honestly the ending of this arc is a bit of a letdown for me now.

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    I was kinda disappointed at first. FT coming back to help Makarov made last chapter a complete garbage. Good thing Mashima put up a nice twist in the end.

    I don't know why the need of a timeskip here. They've been kicking ass so far but I guess since it's a different game know they have to level up their game too.

    I'm pretty sure they were all trapped in some kind of dimension. There's no way they won't come back to their guild in 7 years if they can.

    The rest of the guild I assume still stands. It may have a lot of threats from other guilds but their ally guilds which have been featured on the cover page would help them out.

    Quote Originally Posted by paulbee View Post
    That would be quite a twist, but I thought Mavis was a Guy. And I also thought that the Kid at the end was Mavis somehow reverted to his youth.

    Or what's the name of the guy they threw in Jail, Earthland's version of Mystogan. (Jelal?)That would explain the Tatoo?
    The boy definitely looks like Romeo. Mashima even featured him on the front cover on the next chapter after that panel where the boy is staring at the sea so we could have an idea.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hagane, the Ice Nomad View Post
    Wow, a timeskip.

    Did I call it or what?
    Kudos to you. I myself didn't expect one coming.

    Quote Originally Posted by skillder View Post
    Fairy tail chapter 253

    Do you think that fried has the power to create a barrier strong enough to hold against the attack of acnologia or even teleport everyone elsewhere?

    Oh and btw, lol about tenrou island and its magical power ^^ It was supposed to hold great power and protect fairy tails.... seems like it was too much against a dragon --'
    I don't think he can. Fried preferred drawing seals so that must have been his strongest defense but they didn't do it as there was no time.

    Well, I'm pretty sure they all survived and if the little girl is a fairy or even Mavis herself then wouldn't be the island just protected them all?

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