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    Fullmetal Alchemist Fairy Tail Chapter 253 : "Let's Join Hands"

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    Mashima drinks, eats, breaths, and excretes EPICNESS!

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    Fairy tail chapter 253

    Wtf, i can't believe that the boy who stared at the ocean wasn't just a draw art but really exist in the story...and what about the rest of fairy tail? is the manga dead or what? they can't possibly be dead... and who is this woman?never saw her before...maybe she is the one who saved the fairy tail guild...but then again, what happened to the guild for 7 years?

    PS: oh there is also an other option that should be added to rate this chapter: epic
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    Forgotten Angel sevencold19's Avatar
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    WTF just happen? and here I was so happy when they all save macarov. I think the woman was a fairy.
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    Well, those who didn't qualify for the S-class test weren't included in the blast. I think Makarov's son, Laxus' father, has either dissolved the guild or taken over it. They can be easy target for dark guilds who want revenge.

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    Wait what? dont understand a thing about whats going to happen now >_>

    They surely cant be dead but no survivors where found? and a wtf timeskip?

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    Regular Member Byakuguy's Avatar
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    The next arc is going to be very interesting....

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    Global Moderator Jaiden's Avatar
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    WOW! Great chapter!

    Seriously did not expect a time skip at all but I like it. So did they die? Ha, I doubt it. Am thinking that little girl did something. If the new arc will be seven years into the future, time travel magic wouldn't surprise me at this point well at all anyway. I knew little dude with the fairy tail symbol standing at the dock was a foreshadowing for something later. Since it is 7 years in the future and the main guys "supposedly" died on the island am guessing someone had to keep the guild running. I wonder who. I can't wait for the next chapter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monte.Teacher View Post
    Mashima drinks, eats, breaths, and excretes EPICNESS!
    this last couple pages of this chapter was a one piece rip-off, and like everybody else i'm confused. The chapter would have been more sad/ epic if they let markarov sacrifice himself

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    That boy who stares at the Ocean is definitely Romeo, now my theory is 100 percent.

    Timeskip people!

    Oh and that girl is probably a Fairy, I totally knew that it was Romeo just from the hair but I didn't expect it'll end like this.

    This arc is VERY interesting, the most interesting one soo far.
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