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    honestly, who cares about what ppl do in the forums when it comes to thier way of making posts? no1 forces ppl to respond to any of them, i would just keep doing what im doing, the way im doing it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by annhu2011 View Post
    why still no updates of Bleach Manga this week? it had ben 8 days since Bleach 469 released......
    I don't know if you meant to post here but this thread is a few chapters back and pretty much a dead thread.

    As for Bleach 469 you just need to be patient people live in different times zones (for me the 27th just started 3 hours ago) and the Scanlators need time to do their jobs. A delay might be caused by IRL issues as well as various Japanese holidays. Just be patient and it will arrive in due time.

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