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The answer to why we haven't seen them is simple and summated in two words:

Power differences.

Remember what happened when the farmer tried to shoot Raditz? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COqnyplv1YE

Sure, no ninja would catch the bullet.. but shadow clones, illusion, etc.. would have long-since rendered those weapons virtually useless against ninja. (Especially if they are of the 1-shot variety.)
Except not really. A bullet is faster and has more piercing power than any of the A/B-class wind/lightning/earth techniques we see, or Kunai/Shuriken (including ones augmented by chakra) due to the sheer speed.

Sure, it won't pierce through a boulder like a Raikiri, but it won't ever be dodged unless you're the Yellow Flash (and maybe not even then).

Thinking about it, I bet ninjas could even infuse bullets with chakra to create wind/lightning bullets. So think about that!