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    The Theory of Guns in NARUTO

    Friends and Fellow Narutards:

    I'd like to invite you all (anyone that cares) to post your contention, belief, insight, bias, or anything else, about guns and referremces to guns in Naruto.


    You are free to argue using your knowledge on the appearance, references and usage of GUNS in the Manga.

    You May not use insults, call people names (No...Lame...Stupid...Retarded etc).

    Try to make your best argument in one post.

    Lets still be friends till the next argument erupts

    The main problem with guns is that KISHIMOTO himself said there wouldn't be any, he said so because it would be impractical as few Ninjas could move fast enough to evade bullets, and by implication, it would allow a weak Ninja to overpower more powerfull ones.

    Having said this, Kishi should remain consistent and watch his references to Guns in the story.

    Logically: If there are no guns, then no one should make references to guns, except the inventor of guns. If there are guns then how come no one is using them in an all out struggle/War.


    1) It could be that some Manga-Wide force is in effect preventing the function of firearms.

    2) It could be that Some Ninjas have been able to glimpse a future where there will be guns, and have been able to create jutsus to mimic the function of guns.

    I have laid out theories that would allow there to be guns. If Kishi has changed his mind I look forward to him giving a definitive rule that explains the role of firearms and references to such in the Manga.

    These are my theories to allow guns and references to guns in the story.
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