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    One Piece 477 Spoilers

    What we have until the moment:

    Quote Originally Posted by Kanemaki
    Chapter 477 - 3/8
    Frontpage - Usopp flying in the sky (lol)

    Moria is having difficulty with Hana Hana tightly holding him. He sends shadow bats to attack Robin.
    Sanji kicks the shadow bats to protect Robin. The fragments of the shadow become Moria's shadow. Robin is surprised, but uses Clutch against Moria's real body, breaking him.
    However, Moria reappears behind Robin. He explains that he can switch places anytime with his shadow, therefore, the "Moria" inside Odz is just his shadow.
    Then, he pushes Robin's shadow and cuts it with scissors. He keeps it on his hand because there's no corpse around.
    Sanji is pissed and attacks Moria. Moria calls bats again. Sanji's kicks fail as Moria teleports back to inside Odz.
    Odz is pissed and prepares to attack Robin with Gomu Gomu no Bazooka. Sanji uses Diable Jamble. He narrowly dodges the Bazooka with his kick.
    Chopper unnoticed climbs up Odz's right arm. He says he found Odz's cause of death. Chopper asks them to aim at Odz's right arm, because it wasn't Odz's real arm, it was restored by Hogback's hand! It was sewn together, but there are heavy traces of frostbite. Therefore, Chopper concludes he must have died from cold. Even this monster's natural strength is no match for getting lost in a ice country and dying. Because this monster, 500 years ago...was definitely naked! (rofl - this Chopper part is very summed, but that's the gist of it)
    Sanji and Zoro say they won't lose to such an idiot.
    Odz grabs Chopper but he turns back into a reindeer and eats a rumble ball, then he jumps.
    Sanji and Chopper use the Air Force Sakura Shoot and Chopper continues attacking. Odz says it won't work, but Chopper says it will. Odz jumps just above Chopper and Sanji. Odz uses Gomu Gomu no Pistol and takes them down.
    Moria laughs and says there are only 3 left.

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    One Piece

    Bloody hell, so all of the Straw Hats are going to be taken out and lose their shadow. Then Luffy is going to arrive and finish Moria. I hate these plots since it's easy to predict what will happen next.

    [a] Moria will steal the remaining shadows that belong to the Straw Hats, then somehow Luffy will place the shadows inside of himself. Giving him "nakama" power or something a long those lines. Another "friendship conquers all" moral.

    [b] Moria will try to use the shadows himself and Oda will make Kuma interfere with the fight, attacking Moria for some reason like the government didn't want him to be having an army or etc. Thus the Straw Hats are saved by an outside force again.
    It's just the Metroid series remade for the Xbox crowd.
    However Samus Aran is now some unknown low ranking military personal.
    Also the space pirates worship some giant doomsday hula hoop machine.

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    Moria's DF is starting to become very cheap, every new chapter Oda come's up with something new that his shadow fruit can do.

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    so now the strawhats are being taken down one by one.... predictable, yes, but i still want to see how the end turns out.
    has Nami ever been knocked out yet? I''m pretty sure she was never shocked by Enel but i don't know if she ever really suffered any near fatal injuries like the rest of the crew

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    Since the chapter whose spoilers are posted in this thread is already out, you should better discuss and talk about it in this thread. There's where people would reply your opinion about this chapter

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