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    Fairy Tail 252 Discussion / 253 Predictions

    Fairy tail chapter 252

    New chapter has been released !

    Thanks mangastream and binktopia

    Mangastream reader

    PS: big apologies for the bug in the link, thanks for notifying me
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    shiro merciless's Avatar
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    Mar 2008
    now we just need egneel to show up

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    六代目火影仙人 Rokudaime Sennin ™'s Avatar
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    Searching for a Path to one Peace!
    Sweet, can't wait to see Acnologia in action
    A bridge towards peace; the will of fire still endures!

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    shiro merciless's Avatar
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    btw that dragons head looks more like something taken out of camerons ''aliens'' than it does a dragon lol

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    Orange toad summoner Uzumaki_Tim's Avatar
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    Nooooooo Master!!!!

    Actually I'm just so glad that it wasn't Gildarts who went for the sacrifice. That would have been way too unfair

    Edit: skillder just quote and copy and paste this link. Your mangastream one is busted Mangastream F-Tail 252
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    Holy shit O_o

    and as Uzumaki said, glad it wasnt Gildarts that stayed behind! Dont want Makarov to die but if he shouldnt come back alive after this..

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    Global Moderator Jaiden's Avatar
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    Great chapter.

    Hope this really isn't the end of Makarov, I love that old man. And it seems to me that it looks like Gildarts may have had an encounter with the dragon before.

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    Gildartz was defeated instantly against this dragon and lost both his arm and leg.
    Makarov will die causing the fallen arm and tears from natsu scenes (Charlie's prediction of the future)
    Laxus will take over. But Laxus is a changed man so he will be a good leader.
    Natsu will vow to get revenge of some sort.
    Everyone will train harder.
    Next chapter will be a memories chapter or all mourning chapter.

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